blue-rounded-with-number-8-hiFebruary 17, 2014

It’s week 8 of 2014
“Power and authority dominate”

This week as Mercury continues it’s retrograde stance, communication issues are still at the root of many misunderstandings during week 8. On a scale of 1 to 10, the irritability factor feels like it is at level 10, so think before you speak. The vibration of 8 values control  and success and is a very powerful energy, however, the dark side of the 8 can rear its ugly head showing up as domination and / or greed.

The Sun is moving into Pisces on the 19th during week 8, so the vibrations of responsibility, banking, money and financial issues will be highlighted and the operating mode will be more instinctual since Pisces does rule empathy and selflessness. This means that we can be guided more towards the benevolence of others rather than the expense of others.

As a temporary vibration, the week of 8 can assist in building those venture you have been planning. Whether it be building a business or solidifying your finances, there can be tangible results this week and it’s all about getting back the energy that you put into something. For example, if you have invested wisely in matters, then you will get back what you put into it. It’s all about the law of cause and effect. You draw that to you what is in your consciousness. If you put negative energy into something, the results will be negative. If you put positive energy into something, then the payback will be fantastic. The vibration this week rules strength, power and courage. Develop and work on these aspects – channel your energies toward success. However, it’s important to learn and understand the value and differences between ambition and prosperity.

Have a wonderful and expansive week. Until next week, don’t forget to share your good fortune with others.

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Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach

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