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number7train-200x200February 10, 2014

It’s Week 7 of 2014
“Spiritual Wisdom Intensifies”

What’s really, really fascinating about this week’s vibration is that there are double 7’s in the equation because not only is it week 7, but we are in a universal year of 7. This further intensifies the strong vibration of faith, spirituality and collective consciousness which is the theme all year long. This energy will be even more amplified for you if you have any 7’s in any of your 5 core numbers (name number or birth day numbers) or if you are in a personal year or personal month of 7. If you feel the need to shut yourself off from others, or are having moments where life issues or the meaning of your life for example, is at the core of your reflective and contemplative mode, than the 7 vibration is at the crux of the situation this week.

Number 7 is associated with the crown chakra symbolizing spiritual wisdom forcing a BBC-Chakrastrong desire and need to find the deeper meaning of your life and your life purpose. We are all children of God searching for a deeper connection  and want to find the true meaning of our life. This week it simply is more intensified because of the 7-7 vibration.

Lately, there has been some sort of disconnect and/or discontent that is very universal, but we can’t put our finger on it or identify it. What it is that can’t be readily identified, is that we are all seeking a deep spiritual connection back to our spiritual roots. I see it everywhere these days and I feel this restlessness and discontentment in those who enter my space or energy field either through friendships, work or family relationships. I can see or feel that they (friends, family, co-workers) are struggling with something and seem unhappy, but they can’t pinpoint this unease in themselves. I can’t reiterate enough that the number 7 is at the root of the situation. It’s a vibration that wants to help us with strength of spiritual purpose. Let the vibration and energy of the number 7 guide you to listen to divine guidance. Know that you are on the right path even if if feels uncomfortable. After all, going from an ego-based mind set to a soul-based mind set does not happen overnight. Let the shift happen even if gradually, but do let it in.

The moon starts off in Cancer this week which rules all domestic affairs related to family, home life, and parenting. Cancer has a reputation for being moody and cranky and with Mercury currently in retrograde, there could be some difficult and emotional issues in relationship to children, spouses or lovers this week.

Have a wonderful and spiritually enriching week.

Love and big hugs ♥

Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach

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