number-3-hiJanuary 12, 2013

It’s Week 3 of 2014 ~ “Manifesting your desires”

Well if the energy of last week slowed you down a wee bit, this week you may be feeling more revved up and raring to go. The vibration is much higher and the energy of the 3 will give you the impetus to help you keep moving forward. Your job is to communicate what it is you truly desire and the rest will magically fall into place and take care of itself on its own.

There are so many ways you can outwardly express yourself if you need help in some way to go forward with a certain goal or project. Your task is to talk yourself up to everyone you see. Don’t hold back one iota. Use the gift of gab to the ninth degree this week because it will work in your favor. 3 is such a chatty and social vibration that all it can do is help you help yourself. So this is the week where you could get a much needed boost of encouragement from your supporters or loyal fans to cheer you on. If you need financial assistance to achieve your goals, perhaps you will run into someone who wants to help you and will openly or spontaneously offer the help you need. Maybe they know someone who can help you – It’s called networking and it’s really all about getting yourself out there in a big way. Be charming, witty and exuberant – It will get you everywhere you want to be.


Kathleen Lamoureux
The Numerology Coach