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Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus

We have a Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday November 17 at 10:16 a.m.

Both the day number and the time reduce to the number 8 and November is an 8 universal month amplifying the energies of power, strength, control, courage, strength and financial issues.

The energies resonate to 1 – 7 – 8

1 brings in the energies of independence, drive and forging ahead. This is a great time to begin working on any kind of project or undertaking that you want to do. Corresponding tarot influence is the Magician representing someone who can do anything they set their mind to. There are simply no obstacles that can’t be overcome. But be careful that ego-driven desires, control and the tendency to dominate doesn’t destroy all your hard work. Find balance in a constructive way.

7 adds the influence of spirituality, faith and trusting that everything is going to work out with all of your plans. While it’s good to have faith and trust, it’s also a good idea to be contemplative and analyze your plans before launching. Go within and lean on your inner wisdom.

8 is a powerful energetic vibration and provides the impetus to find courage and strength to help you step into your power and do what needs to be done. However, there could be power struggles around money/ finances/ banking, control or power issues. Anything to do with security in monetary or power matters could be threatened.

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The Tarot influence for the number 17 is the Star. So there’s lots of room for hope and inspiration with this influence to go forward with your plans and projects during this Full Moon. Taurus represents stability, endurance, patience and an earth sign that brings a grounding and stabilizing influence.

This Full Moon is the fruition of the last New Moon cycle on October 18th. So while we set new intentions during a New Moon, during a Full Moon cycle we can bask in the rewards that it brings. And this is so evident with the power of the 8 influence, not only during this current moon cycle, but we can reap these rewards during the entire month of November – the rewards of financial gain, inner power and strength.



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