Flowing Water

Flowing Water is an example of something that is “In The Flow”

I’ve had a ton of people ask me about today’s date 11-12-13.

What we see in this date is a sequence of, or repeating numbers such as 1-1-1, 1-2-3 and of course 11-12-13.

What these sequences mean is that things are finally in the flow and can now go forward positively after a hellish 3-week MRx stint which was one of the most difficult ones in recent memory. Everyone was on the edge and communication issues were extremely difficult, if not on the snarky side in many situations.

1 – 1 – 1

Triple 1’s is an indication that you can now take positive action and move forward with conviction and decisiveness. You may have made a decision over the last 3 weeks to change something or some aspect of yourself. Whatever it was, stick with it and know it was the correct decision. Don’t undermine yourself or your decision. Just keep moving forward.

Many things came to a head or may have simply ended during MRx in relationships, partnerships, friendships, family and business matters. Whatever the disruption, the master trickster MRx has a way of bringing the boil to the surface so that the wound can heal. This is a necessary evil.


Today’s date 11-12-13 actually reduces to a universal number of 2 which I posted about earlier today. Number 2 is the number of peace, harmony and finding balance. This is an especially welcome phase after a difficult MRx rewind that had everyone confused, dazed and absolutely crazed.

How did the last 3 weeks go for you and do you feel the tension lessening this week? Share your story or feelings here.


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