Monthly numerology forecasting is a method to help you discover the energies or vibrations that are in effect each month comparing your Personal Month Number (PMN) to the current Universal Month Number (UMN). This information will help you navigate your life path a little better and provide you with a greater understanding of why certain months click and work and why other months are full of challenges, delays and obstacles. If a month is negatively aspected, or you have a particularly challenging month, just know that this is temporary and the next month most likely will usher in a more positive  vibration.

Numerology forecasting is like the weather, however, it is the vibration of numbers between your PMN and the UMN that I am using to show you how energy shifts and changes from month-to-month and from one vibration to the next vibration. There are fluctuations in daily, monthly and yearly cycles that can change, alter and shift the mood and attitudes of everyone and everything in its path. These cycles and energies affect us either subliminally or profoundly. This depends on how sensitive you are to the energy that is currently in effect. Some people simply are more sensitive or more aware than others. To use my numerology forecasting system you will need to know your personal month number (PMN) and the formula to calculate your PMN is at the end of this article.

November 2013 – Universal Month of 8

Focus on abundance, inner strength, power, control
Let go of fear

Number 8November is an 8 universal month in a 6 universal year which necessitates the strong need for responsibilities in the areas of relationships, family and success. You are a spiritual being and are being asked by the universe to focus on your potential, your power and your inner strength. There may be power struggles this month which can affect your personal life, your home, your relationships and your career. However, your power and inner strength can be the source of harmony to help you overcome obstacles in any of these areas this month. Don’t let power plays or stumbling blocks throw you off balance. You have the ability to stay in control of any situation. Be like the woman who walks beside a lion without any fear. You simply must learn to develop and tap into the potential of power and courage with grace and ease.


The 4 Zones

 I came up with a system that I call The 4 Zones to compare the current UMN to your current PMN cycle. What is most important in using this system, is how the energy of the current UMN affects you during each of your PMN cycles. There are 9 monthly cycles from 1 through 9 that we evolve through. The 1 cycle represents the beginning of something and the 9 cycle represents the culmination or ending of something. The Zones are listed below. Read them and then find out what monthly cycle you are in by using my calculation method below.

The Green Zone – Full Speed ahead. Everything flows naturally

If your PMN is in the green zone to the current UMN of 8, it means that everything is in alignment this month and all the doors will swing wide open. Everything you have been working toward will shift in your favor and you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Success and gains are quite possible this month. Everything is as it should be and is in the flow. Good month to go for the gold!

The Blue Zone – Compatibility and comfortable conditions

If your PMN is in the blue zone to the current UMN of 8, the energy is comfortable and mutual conditions for harmonious conditions exist. There is the potential for good interactions in all areas of importance. Nice easy month.

 The Red Zone – Challenges and compromise

If your PMN is in the red zone to the current UMN of 8, then there will be difficulties and many challenges for you this month. Nothing will be in the flow for you. All this means is that these challenges, delays or difficulties are there for a reason. Could be time to find more balance where there is imbalance. Good month to stop and think before moving ahead and get clearer on issues that require your immediate attention.

The Gray Zone – Things are neutral. Energy can go either way

When you find yourself in the gray zone, the energy can be up and down like a seesaw or just neutral where nothing is definite or concrete. You may find that the energy fluctuates daily and can have a positive or negative affect on you.The Gray Zone is an indication that things are just in the middle and no decision can be made until you make up your mind. It’s not black and white, but as they say shades of gray where nothing is clear in a situation.

Comparing Your PMN to the 8 Current UMN

PMN           Your PMN Match to 8 UMN 

1                   Gray Zone – Energy can go either way

2                  Green Zone – Full speed ahead

3                  Red Zone – Challenges and compromise

4                 Green Zone – Full speed ahead

5                 Gray Zone – Energy can go either way

6                Blue Zone – Comfortable conditions

7                Red Zone – Challenges and compromise

8                Green Zone – Full speed ahead

9                Red Zone – Challenges and compromise

How to Calculate your Personal Month Number (PMN):

Example for someone born on March 9:

Take your day and month of birth and add it to the universal year number for 2013 which is 6
Our example is someone born on the 3rd month of the year and on the 9th day of the month, so the formula is this:

3 + 9 + 6 = 18
1 + 8 = 9
This person is in a 9 Personal Year Cycle

Add the Personal Year of 9 to the current universal month of November which is 11 but reduces to the number 2
So the formula to calculate your PMN is this:

9 + 2 = 11. Then 1 + 1 = 2
Therefore, this person is in a Personal Month Number of 2

In using the above Zone comparison, this person would be comparing their 2 PMN to the UMN of 8. Therefore, in the month of November 2013, this person would be in the Green Zone – Full speed ahead!

All double digit numbers are reduced to a single digit number from 1 through 9. So the number 18 would be reduced to the number 9 and the number 11 would be reduced to the number 2 for example.  Please note that the numbers 11 and 22 are reduced to  the single digit numbers of 2 and 4 respectively and are not used as Master Numbers in this instance.



Blessings and big hugs from the Numerology Coach.

Until next month, stay in your power and I leave you with this thought…


Power is like being a lady…
If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t”
~ Margaret Thatcher


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