1410681_631162880240442_2108688248_oFull Moon Blessings on this Lunar Eclipse of October 18-19, 2013

We have a Lunar Eclipse in Aries (fire and aggression) in opposition to Libra (love, balance, harmony) which enters in on the 18th in the Americas and on the 19th at 01:37:42 a.m. Central European Summer Time or CEST.

The Significance of 18-9

All these components – Aries, Libra and the number 18 – bring about power struggles and power plays due to the respective opposing forces that each of these aspect have in areas relating to finances or shared assets.

Just from a purely numerological aspect with the number 18 when you break it down, 1 rules the individual who is at the crux of the matter and 8 rules anything related to money/finances/banking. Interestingly enough, the time this full moon enters on the 19th CEST breaks down to the number 8.

The trick is to allow the Libran influence in order to find some balance and equilibrium and try to stay somewhere in the middle without being too rash or impulsive. Easy to do with all this fiery and feisty energy.

The number 18 in the Tarot interestingly enough coincides with the ‘Moon’ representing emotions, uncertainty and illusions where nothing is at appears. Stay in your own power and own center and try not to be led by your emotions or over-reactive which could be difficult under this lunar eclipse. The key is to Breathe into the emotions and feelings when they overpower you.

The Universal Energies of October 18th – the 7

  • October 18, 2013 reduces to the number 7
  • October is also a 7 Universal Month
  • This Lunar Eclipse in Aries is at 25 degrees which reduces to the number 7.

What does the Universal Energy of number 7 mean?

  • The number 7 is a number of spirituality
  • It’s a reminder to be open to all possibilities
  • It’s a great time to go within and be aware of your own mastery
  • Discover your own inner wisdom and insights
  • Discover and be your own source of inspiration
  • Reflect, meditate and assess your motives.

Apply this 7 energy today as we move through this powerful and energetic Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Each of us have these abilities and are capable of tapping into this wonderful and enriching source of juicy spiritual energy at any time.

The significance of 19-1

The number 19 reduces to the number 1 which provides an opportunity to initiate anything new – projects, love, relationships, work, career goals.  The tarot association is the Sun and as the energy moves from the Moon’s influence on the 18th into the Sun’s influence on the 19th, the energy shifts from darkness to light. But still with the influence of the opposing forces that this lunar eclipse brings in, there could very well be obstacles or hurdles in regards to rewards in relationships, finances as well as trying to start or initiate something new. This energy will pass within 2-3 days, so stay in the light.

The Universal Energies of October 19th – the 8

  • October 19, 2013 reduces to the number 8
  • The number 8 is a very powerful vibrational energy that helps us to manifest what we want
  • Under this vibration, we must and can take responsibility in all matters relating to money, finances or banking issues

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies”

` Mother Theresa


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