October is a 16-7 Universal Month

number 7

Fight for your spirituality!

Fundamental changes must take place this month on all fronts
False, defective or flawed  thinking must be eliminated
Spirituality, faith and trust are the biggies this month
In October spirituality is the search to know your true self and discover the true nature of consciousness.

The Message of the Numbers 16-7

16 represents disruption and fundamental changes to all basic foundations

7 represents focusing on “Spirituality”

The energy of the 16

The 16 is a difficult vibration and can create challenging and tumultuous conditions. What this means is that in October, we can expect a lot of changes and disruptions on both the world stage and in our personal lives.

Foundations can be anything related to business affairs, financial affairs, love affairs, home or family issues, and friendships.  You can add the Government to the list of fundamental foundations as well. All these foundations come under strong scrutiny this month.

False beliefs and habits must be altered – and this can happen in a forceful manner if “fundamental” ways of being aren’t changed in some way or addressed.  Things are shifting this month and old ways and old behaviors simply cannot stay the same.

The old paradigms surely aren’t working anymore. A perfect example of the old paradigm is what is happening in our government and the recent government shutdown, which began on October 1st which was an 8 Universal Day. The energy of the number 8 rules power and authority. The dark side of the 8 can result in isolation and people discounting the opinions of others. How sad and true this is as this drama unfolds all because of political dysfunction.

In October, we need more than ever to embrace the new and expect the unexpected. Under the energy of the 16, there is going to be a lot of unexpected twists and turns. This is not going to be a tidy month.   We must be prepared to handle the unforeseen and go with shifting events this month.

The energy of the 7. 

We could find ourselves delving into our spiritual side more than normal. This is not abnormal with the energy of the 7 because it forces a “time out” to think about our lot in life – who we are, what we are doing and where we are going. The number 7 amplifies the vibration of wisdom, inner wisdom and collective consciousness.

Current October Events

Well the big news right now is what is going on with the Government Shutdown and I ran the numbers on that name:

The name Government Shutdown breaks down to the number 14-5

  • The number 14 has a karmic debt influence where human freedom is or has been abused and that we must adapt to disruption and inconsistencies under this vibration. This would fit in with the current situation in the government. There is a need to verify existing conditions and modify belief systems. If you relate this to the current government situation, key Republican figures are challenging President Obama’s health care plan but their beliefs may be skewed  and the reality of the situation is abnormal and unfair to everyone at the effect of this situation.
  • The number 5 represents change and freedom, but on the negative side of the energy, it indicates a serious lack of direction and confusion within a certain environment. This would make sense due to all the chaos and confusion this world event has triggered. No one knows what is really going on, whose on first, whose on second, etc., etc., and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for what is going on. It’s utter chaos which is what the negative vibration of the 5 can bring in.

The basic message is that this issue is more than just politics, but more that the role of our government is being challenged now and is clearly outlined in an article by  Jim Wallis, Christian leader for social change who says this about the Government Shutdown:

The issues here are deeper than politics now; they are moral, and, I would argue,theological. Too often our political affiliation drives our theological worldview instead of our theology driving our politics. The Bible speaks clearly about the role of government, and that is what really is being challenged here. It’s time for those people of faith who want to shut down the government to read their Bibles. Because pressuring the nation to shut down the government, instead of keeping debate within the political process, is contrary not only to our best political traditions, but also to what our Scriptures say. And underlying this current crisis, there is a clear hostility to government itself, government per se, from a group of political extremists that I believe is unbiblical. It is a minority of our elected officials who are demonstrating their anti-government ideology. But that extreme minority has captured their party and the political process, and has driven the nation into dangerous crisis based upon fear.”

The Number 16 ~ Upheaval 

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...The end of old worn out behaviors, philosophies, beliefs,  must leave us. We must change ourselves and things for the benefit of all of humanity, not for singular purposes or reasons. The ego must be shattered otherwise it will fall to its death only to be born again in a moment of illumination.The promise of spiritual enlightenment is centered somewhere between birth and death.

“There will be no end of troubles of states, or of humanity itself, til philosophers become Kings in this world, or til those we now call Kings and rulers really
and truly become philosophers and political power and philosophy come into the same hands”

~ Plato


Photo on 9-27-13 at 5.33 PMKathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She wants to help you “Discover YourSelf” through the powerful vibration of your soul print numbers. What did you come here to learn and do in this lifetime. Contact her for a reading at: thenumberscoach123@gmail.com or simply click on any of the tabs on the menu bar to choose the reading you desire.

Blessings and big hugs for a Happy and prosperous October and I will see you in November.