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Hello, Harvest Moon

Full Moon in the sign of Pisces at 1:12:48 p.m.

The September Full Moon arrives in the Sun sign of Pisces and is also a Harvest Moon attributed to Native Americans as a time to harvest.

It arrives on a Universal Day and time of 16/7.
There is an intensity of spirituality and faith being ushered in during this Pisces Full Moon with the energy of the double 7’s.
It’s all about trust and having faith.
The Day of 19 is the number of the Sun in the Tarot symbolizing divinity and the great divine power.
The Sun is the bringer of light and life, and the power of the Sun is both physical energy and living power.
September is the Month of 9 so it’s an ending phase. This is so apropos because September is the beginning of Fall and represents a change of seasons and symbolizes death and dying. When leaves begin to turn brown and decompose. The number 9 symbolizes the end of something, a phase, a relationship, or behaviors that no longer serve you.

Message of this Full Moon in Pisces

We must learn how to control and adjust to the power of the sun and the moon in order to harness and use properly the spiritual power behind the Sun and the emotions behind the Moon. Pisces are creative, spiritual, and mystical, but have a tendency to be a bit impractical and illogical at times.  Pisces is associated with the Moon in the Tarot representing fluctuating emotions and illusions.
Dreams are quite intense now, especially over the last few days, so pay attention to them and apply the meaning to your everyday life – there is hidden meaning in every dream. Intuition is at an all time high. It is the intelligence of your body and mind. Feel what is true and see the truth with your mind.
Day 19 reduces to the number 1 which brings in the energy of new adventures, new ideas, new projects, new beginnings. Anything with the word NEW is where you should focus your thoughts and visions.
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