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Blue Moon

The Full Blue Moon in Leo arrived on August 20th PST @ 6:44 p.m. and on August 21st @ 2:45 am UT in Europe and other parts of the world.

Keywords –> Change – Trust – Intuition

The August Full Moon has brought in the main energies of 7 and 11 respectively.  As I discussed in my August Forecast Video, I did mention that this Full Moon would be a difficult one with the 7 energy forcing us to put more stock in having faith in all aspects – including relationships. Communication issues will prevail even though it is not even Mercury Retrograde and there are no 3’s which also rules communication. This Full Moon simply creates the opportunity to work on ourselves in so many aspects. 11 adds the dimension of tapping into what we know, hear or see but tend to dismiss. The energy of this particular Full Moon is so powerful and will upset our natural balance because it is a Blue Moon as well which validates the need for personal change and pushes us to excavate at deeper levels of self.

Wow! All of this is happening during the August 5 Universal Month. The influence of the 5 will upset the apple cart so to speak even more causing us to take a pause and look at ourselves and our own personal demons. Unfortunately, this energy is not just for the 2-3 day influence as per the usual Full Moon influence, but the influence of this Blue Moon will go on until the next Full Moon in September. Here’s the breakdown:

  • August 20th is a 7 Universal Day representing having faith and trusting in the big picture.
  • The energy that came forth at that time was 14/5 mirroring the energy of the current Month of 5
  • The Day Number is 2 bringing in peace, diplomacy and cooperative efforts. Just look at the events unfolding in Egypt to see this energy working on over-drive.
    The date 20 is Judgement in the Tarot representing awakening and a change in attitude.
  • August 21st is a 8 Universal Day representing power, authority, strength and creativity – all trademarks of Leo
  • The energy at that time was 11/2 bringing forth  illumination and enlightenment.
  • The Universal Day Number is 8 bringing in power, fire and courage and this aligns with the Sun’s current position in Leo which represents all the same things.
  • The date 21 is the World in the Tarot representing the journey you’ve traveled so far for and rewards you for all your efforts.

Both of these dates are in the Month of 5 representing change, uncertainty, realignment, inconsistency, freedom in a 6 Universal Year – time to take responsibility for all our actions.

The next blue moon won’t occur again until Saturday, May 21, 2016.

What is important to stress here is that Blue moons are powerful catalysts for changing patterns or behaviors that aren’t working. During this current Blue Moon, these changes of behavior and patterns align with the August’s Month of 5 – change and transformation. In addition to that, Uranus is still retrograde until December 2013 . So this blue moon coupled with August Month of 5 and Uranus retrograde creates a moment in time to create a new version of yourself and an opportunity for a new beginning. With the Sun in Leo, there is also opportunity to use creative ways of revamping yourself and your life (Leo’s influence).  Self-expression, realignment and strength are aspects within you that you can tap into to assist you with the changes that are coming in. Remember If you don’t change fundamental behaviors, the Universe will step in on your behalf and do it for you.

Within or Without?

Can you feel the changes coming? Well then get your Full Moon mojo magic on and allow the changes to occur from within rather than from an outside source. Discovering ways to change from within is a much better path than being forced.

It’s akin to the Tower Card in the Tarot representing the destruction of something built upon false beliefs.

Mars (back left), Mercury (back right), Moon (...

Planets that are still Retrograde

Retrograding planets force us to look and/or work on things that are currently not working. They are useful in the sense that they help us tackle karmic issues we have that we’ve been avoiding.  It’s also useful to have your Numerology Blueprint done so you can discover the Karmic Lesson Numbers that you need to learn and work on in this lifetime.

  • Chiron – From June 16, 2013 until November 19, 2013. Representing where you may be experiencing emotional or physical wounds.
  • Uranus – From  July 17, 2013 until December 15, 2013. Represents boundaries, limits and restrictions.  Saturn also symbolizes structure, discipline and wisdom.
  • Neptune – From June 7, 2013 until November 13, 2013. Your spirituality may come to the fore, or you become more connected to your spiritual beliefs.


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