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The Numerology Code for the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

25/7 – 18/9 – 11 – 5

Sagittarius as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a ...

At 12:24 a.m. EST on May 25th, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This occurs on Friday for certain time zones. You can check out the actual times and dates of all locations around the world by clicking on this link Full Moon Calendar 2013. 

This is not just an ordinary Full Moon, but a SUPER MOON which means that the Full Moon is as close to the Earth as it can possibly be. On top of that this Full Moon is the third in a series of three eclipses. So this is a very powerful and commanding energy that is arriving in just a few hours.

Eclipses are about endings and this is so apropos as the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse enters in at 12:24 a.m. on 5/25/2013. Both the entry time and the Universal Date come to the number 9. This is the number of endings, completion, accomplishment, transition, understanding and service to others. So if something is ending in your life and/or whatever wants to set itself free – let it go because it’s going to happen. Holding on to something that does not work is painful and unhealthy. It’s all about breakthroughs and transcending. Setting free all the baggage so to speak.  You may not be used to this feeling – as if the rug is being pulled out from under your feet because it is instability at its best. Especially since we are in a 5 Month and 5 is the master of chaos, instability and confusion. Many of you may be feeling uncomfortable with all this turbulence, but know that change is a necessary evil.

Oil and Water Don’t Mix – 5 vs. 2

The Month of May Number is a 5 and is a challenge to the 2 Universal Month Number – so this is a Red Zone –> Caution Advised type of month. This means that 2 and 5 don’t mix so well – 5 being a cranky, uncertain, inconsistent number, while the 2 prefers balance, reflection and duality. The only thing that 2 and 5 have in common is that they both like choices.


As a temporary vibration, 25/7 represents trials and tribulations which could cause one to draw on their energy reserves. Conflicts and sudden decisions, a change of residence all come under this vibration, so it’s important not to make hasty decisions around this date as this could cause more conflict and impact you negatively.


The number 18 is associated with the Moon and as such represents being drawn to your dream life even more – prophetic dreams can occur.  You are advised to slow down the pace of your life and pay attention to your health and physical needs. As we are in a Lunar Eclipse, this represents a time that you are evolving and your spiritual development is growing and developing.


May is a 11 Universal Month and 11 represents the development of intuition, so it’s important to recognize the signals of intuition when they happen, otherwise they are lost to the Universe and you stay stuck. Intuitive messages can happen through dreams, a feeling you have or words that you hear. However these intuitive messages appear does not matter – what does is that you do not ignore them for they are important messages from your guides and angels. The number 11 has two 1’s in it and represents double beginnings – great time to start over. Imagine the two 1’s like a gateway that you walk through towards some higher power.


First of all, Sag is a Fire Sign and during this Full Moon is in the air sign of Gemini.  Air fans the flames of fire so there could be some combustion – so hold your temper flares.
Sagittarians are the free spirits of the Universe and love to be carefree and choose movement over standing still so things will be shifting and moving with the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday so get ready to transform. All good things during the ending energy of an eclipse.

The Message

Utilize the power of the Lunar Eclipse and re-start or overhaul what is not working. Call in the power of the number 9 and focus on attainment. It’s a time to go within and contemplate what you know to be true from deep inside your soul and align your new beliefs with your heart. Surrender the old and open to the new.


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