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Solar Eclipse

The Numerology Code for today’s planetary aspects

Today we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19 degrees Taurus. The last New Moon Solar Eclipse happened 19 years ago, in 1994 reactivating the number 19 which reduces to the number 1 bringing new beginnings which is what New Moons represent.

May is an 11 Universal Month representing double new beginnings and starting over.

1994 was a 5 Universal Year and May also happens to be a 5 Month reactivating the 5 energy of change, restlessness and unpredictability.

Today is a 9 Day activating universal love and well-being.

Today is a 2 Universal Day Number activating relationships and partnerships.

Then if you take the Universal Month Number of May – which is the  number 11 and reduce it (1 + 1 = 2) the number 2 appears again, intensifying the energy of love and relationships.


Eclipses bring dramatic changes to our everyday lives and are designed to shake us up and move us from one point of our evolution to another higher level of maturity. While lunar eclipses affect us on an emotional level, Solar Eclipses usually marks changes to our every day lives and CHANGE  is the hallmark of the number 5 – the current month number.

Taurus Symbol


Taurus is a fixed sign and once on a fixed course does not always embrace change – which is the mood of the month. So this can be a tough aspect right now if you are not open to change during this Solar Eclipse / New Moon / Taurus phase. In fact, there are currently 4 planets in Taurus and here’s the breakdown:

  • The Sun  in Taurus represents our fundamental happiness, peace and good health. The message is to not worry about what you cannot change.
  • The Moon in Taurus represents our fluctuating emotions and unseen depths. There is some sort of deception going on now – not all is what it seems. Face your fears.
  • Mercury in Taurus represents communication. There could be some intense or more emotional conversations especially in relationships.
  • Mars in Taurus represents our feelings of aggression, anger and courage. With the Solar Eclipse / New Moon aspect happening during a 5 month, there could very well be a mix of tumultuous emotions and unpredictable events.

Love and blessings,

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