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Number 5

May is the Month of 5

As we prepare ourselves for May the month of 5 and this vibration can and will bring in change – both forced and unforced.
We can, and most likely will, experience many inconsistencies in May with a little chaos thrown in for good measure – so get prepared now.
As May enters in tomorrow, there will most likely be a sudden change of pace.
There will be this new-found ability to move about more freely leaving the structure of the April 4 / Taurus / Earth energy behind in the dust.
Also the travel schedule for many can pick up quite quickly and suddenly without much notice.

Gemini Enters on May 21

Gemini, the TwinsAll the aspects of change will begin to move even more quickly when Gemini enters in on May 21st bringing with it even more change and fickleness. You know those Gemini twins – one minute they are one way and the next minute, they are another way – flighty, impulsive and restless – Just like the 5.

Keywords for the 5 / May

Energy, adventure, daring, freedom, travel, movement, sensuality, and oh yeah – sex may be on the agenda more than usual.

Theme for 5 / May

Opportunity for change.

Your Golden Opportunity

Don’t look at the month of 5 with dread and resisting change but as an opportunity to change existing conditions that may be stagnant and in need of an overhaul.


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