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I am primarily a numerologist, but I believe that everything in life is interrelated and the sciences of numerology, astrology and the Tarot align with each other quite accurately. All of these elements create the code for the energy of any particular day combining the Day and Universal Numbers with the astrological sign and corresponding Tarot cards. Todays Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is a perfect example of how each science compliments and correspond to each other. Let’s take a look at today’s energy through all of these facets.

7 + 8 + Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse + Scorpio =

Introspection – Power – Culmination – Changing Circumstances – Death/Rebirth/Transformation 

The April 25 Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio falls on a 7 Day with many aspects creating emotional intensity causing us to pause and reconsider our motivations and actions. It is also an 8 Universal Day which is the catalyst for powerful influences. Situations that have been underground and/or dormant, bubble up rapidly coming to the surface. Whatever comes to light creates an “ah-ha” moment today.


 is the number of introspection and time to go within and meditate. Time to bring forth that which you desire.

  • What is it that you need to learn or discover about yourself or some life situation you are currently experiencing? 
  • 7 is the number to “Let Go and Let God”
  • This is the perfect day to go within and discover what no longer serves a purpose and letting go.
  • When you let go of something that no longer serves, something better comes in to take its place.

8 provides the strength to overcome and move forward because 8 is all about movement and action.


This potent Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio combination is akin to a case of strange bedfellows because the sign of Scorpio represents regeneration, death, rebirth and eclipses are tied to changing circumstances and tend to put the spotlight on that which is lacking – evoking endings or a culmination of a matter. Lunar Eclipses happen to be relationship oriented, so this could be a time of great realizations, great lack or great need. Relationships not only include the romantic kind, but could be related to work/career, financial or your relationship to your health. Whatever it is you are working on, things come to light and there is more awareness to let go of things which no longer serve your greater good or higher power.

The Moon

Represents illusion, deception, uncertainty, fluctuating emotions, intuition and dreams. Things that were once obvious, now seem unclear. It brings uncertainty and that which is unknown will soon surface.

  • The Full Moon is the culmination of the New Moon cycle, so whatever it was that you have been planning for may come to fruition today.
  • Look to your New Moon Letters to see what manifested.
  • Be grateful for what did manifest and say “Thank you.”


Is the sign of death, transformation and rebirth. It is associated with the number 13 which is the Death card in the Tarot representing the end of one situation and the beginning of another.

More Numerology

13/4 – While the number 13 is associated with Death in the Tarot and represents death and transformation itself,  it does reduce to the number 4 which is the number of the Earth, of structure and of endurance. April is the 4th month of the year and this creates an intensity of 4 energy  – putting new methods into place.

4 is also associated with the sign of Taurus and the Sun is currently in Taurus – again representing endurance.

Your Golden Opportunity

The Scorpio Full Moon invites you to explore the hidden depths of your own evolutionary growth and advancement while also facing your fears. You are on the precipice of transforming some life situation. Add to that an Eclipse and you have a recipe creating a delicious meal of course-correction triggering your inner-most desires. The cherry on top, stimulating your appetite, is the proclivity to address the existence of your inner desire to overthrow existing conditions. This is your revolution. See clearly and don’t be led astray by things that are not what they seem. This is the power of the moon at work and the culmination of the Full Moon intensifies this aspect even more.


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