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New Moon :)

The New Moon in Aries today signals recharging, awakenings, regeneration and revival. It falls on a 10/1 Day and the number 1 is intensely activated as April is also a 10/1 Universal month and 4/10/2013 is an 11 Universal Day (double l’s) so new beginnings and taking charge is even more intense, helping us to embrace all the attributes of the number 1 – new beginnings and beginning anew.

Aries is a fire planet that represents action, independence, leadership and self-will in action – a perfect correlation to the New Moon.  Both April and Aires have the head letter of the alphabet in it – the letter A – which signals a time to learn the lesson of self-reliance and working on your resolutions and will-power.

The New Moon cycle represents the perfect time for planning and seeding your intentions, and is even more appropriate on a 10/1 day that provides even more impetus for your daring new ideas to forge ahead.  Strike out on your own – show your leadership skills and independence as these are the hallmarks of the number 1.

10 is the number of instant manifestation and is related to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot also signaling good fortune and abundance.

Today is also an 11 Universal Day and If you look at the number 11, it has two l’s side-by-side which looks like a point of entry. Use this point of entry to walk into your future and manifest your destiny.

With all these 1’s in the Numerology Code during this New Moon, remember these keywords today when you write out your New Moon Letter of intentions:

  • New
  • Beginnings
  • Initiation
  • Starting over
  • Leadership
  • Self
  • Self-courage
  • Willpower

Let these be the seeds of intention that guide you on your journey…

“It is important to honor our beginnings, to remember that we matter and that we have a place in this world that no one else has” – Unknown