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Here are the weekly Numerology Trends for the week of March 25th from Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux.

Libra, the Balance

Libra, the Balance

25 – Passover Begins on a 7 Day – Passover is the most celebrated Jewish festival of the year that commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Passover is central to Jewish identity that celebrates the nature of freedom and the relationship to God. The number 7 is quite appropriate on this date because it  is the number that represents spirit and spiritual matters. Seven brings an inner spiritual awareness that we may have forgotten, but spiritual development or practice balances the inner work that is necessary. Today, you can draw upon the mastery of wisdom and insight into all spiritual matters. It’s all about reflection and the assessment of the divine, metaphysical and nonmaterial world this week.

26 – Famous People born on March 26th – Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler, Diana Ross and Sandra Day O”connor. What they all have in common is that they are all in a 8 Personal Year. From my blog Your Future in 2013″  Get ready to find your personal power and inner strength during 2013.  During an 8 Personal Year you have many opportunities to discover successes in the areas of money, banking and getting your financial act together. You discover and learn more about and how to handle money or your finances. The number 8 vibration is all about business and the entrepreneur comes out in you. So this year you have the opportunity to  start a  new business or become a leader or expert in some field where leadership and entrepreneur skills are required. Money will follow this year if you do what you are supposed to do – and listening is a skill you need to develop this year because “learning is the result of listening.”  The 8 year will provide you with the strength and confidence you need to succeed in all business and money matters. Your task during a 8 Personal Year is to relax and trust that difficult situations will be resolved without undue force or pressure. This year it’s about having the courage to succeed and to acknowledge your inner fears and triumph in spite of them. They also share the sun sign of Aries and the sun just entered Aries and a  new astrological year begins. Aries represents leadership, independence and self-will in action and you can see these traits in Steven, Diana and Sandra just by the sheer force of their accomplishments in life.

27 – Full Moon in Libra – On Wednesday we have a Full Moon in Libra on a 9 day. The number 9 represents compassion, being helpful and humanitarian efforts. This is so apropos because Libra is the planet that rules harmony, balance and fairness, and the symbol of the scales themselves, indicates that things must be weighed, measured and held accountable for. A Full Moon in Libra, however, could put a damper on things and maintaining a sense of balance may be difficult and a real challenge this week. Emotions could be running on high-octane causing emotional upsets where there is normally equilibrium. The moon represents our feelings and  emotions. When the Moon is Full it exerts a pull on the Earth.  This gravitational force, I believe, also exerts a pull on our emotional bodies and effects our emotional and mental balance. Once again we have the keyword for Libra “Balance” so pay attention to it and give it some much-needed attention.

29 – Good Friday – Good Friday is primarily observed by Christians commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and falls on an 11 day. The number 11 is a Master Number that possesses the qualities of intuition, illumination, patience, honesty, sensitivity, spirituality and is idealistic. In the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, 29/11 is the Three of Wands and represents spiritual power. On Good Friday observe and acknowledge your faith by tapping into your intuitive nature. Don’t let doubt destroy your intuitive intelligence. Always maintain your power in balance between mind and accumulated knowledge because intuition simply sees the truth of the matter. So get rid of those cobwebs in your mind. Time to clean house so to speak.

Have a great week everyone!

All numbers have power, are connected to universal principles and have a relationship with all things in nature. Numbers are powerful symbolic expressions.


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