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March Calendar - preview


Kathleen Lamoureux’s Numerology Trends for the week of March 17th. Make a note of these important numerological dates for this week.

3 – We are still in the Month of 3. The number 3 is the result of the combination of the two previous numbers – 1 and 2 and is a completion of a cycle.The number 3 and provides us with creativity  and communication. Be an expressive communicator and use all your artistic imagination during March to create that which you desire to bring forth.  Also a reminder that in the month of March both the Day Number and the Universal Day Number are the same which intensifies and activates the vibration of that number.  So if any of your core numbers fall on any date in March you can use these dates to your advantage and these dates are considered a 4-Star day for you this month. If you have not already done so, please read my previous blog post Double Activated Numbers In March to get more information.

17th – Communication is now finally back in force because Mercury turns direct on the 17th.  In addition, Saint Patrick’s day is also being celebrated around the world on the 17th. Both of these days fall on an 8 day. An 8 day is a great day to use and stay in your power and rules anything related to money, banking issues and financial investments. Stay on purpose and keep your goals in mind this week as authority issues or figures and building your business are key aspects today.

20th – Spring Equinox begins on March 20th which is a 2 day. The Day of 2 is a day to cultivate relationships, partnerships and understand that patience IS a virtue. Add kindness to your vocabulary  this week and be aware that diplomacy is key to the experience of loving situations and cooperative efforts from all things, places and people you come across this week.

Blessings and here’s my wish that you have a wonderful week and as the Father of Numerology, Pythagoras, once said “Numbers rule the Universe”

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