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March is a very special month

March is a very special month in Numerology because all the numbers repeat themselves in both the Day Number and the Universal Number, so each number for the month of March is activated twice. For example, today is the 14th day of March and the Universal Day Number from the entire date (3 + 14 + 2013) also =’s 14.  (Just remember that each double-digit number in Numerology reduces to a single digit number.)  So the 14th today becomes a 5. So whenever you have a double activation of numbers, it increases the energy of that number even more if that number is in your Numerology Birth Chart. One of my client’s Numerology Birth Chart Numbers are as follows:

8  9  8  5  5

Her Soul number is 8, Personality number is 9, Expression number is 8, Birth Day number is 5 and her Life Path number is 5. So what that means for her is to pay attention to the dates in the month of March that mirror any of her numbers in her Numerology Birth Chart (soul, personality, expression, birth day or Life Path), because these are great days for her to act on anything that is important. This could be signing a contract, beginning a project or new business, settling a legal dispute, moving, having surgery, contacting a special person for whatever reason or working on financial/banking matters. The point is that the energy is at an all time high for her and the energy of that number is activated even more.  My client has two 5’s in her Numerology Birth chart, so today is a 4-star day for her. In addition, this is the 14th and she was born on the 14th, so it’s an even more powerful day for her and a fantastic day to act on or schedule anything important.

Numerology is a science that is steeped in ancient tradition and all things are governed by vibrations in the universe. Numbers are symbols and resonate to a very powerful level of vibration every minute of every day! You can use the power of your numbers from your Numerology Birth Chart to your advantage just by knowing what your core numbers are.  Discover YourSelf today and find out your Numerology Birth Chart numbers by clicking on this link  for only $10.00.

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