“Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love”
~ Moulin Rouge

February’s 2-8-6 Vibration

February is the Month of 2 and the message is to focus on feelings and emotions. Discover your compassionate and loving nature. Let love in if you have a tendency to push it away. Diplomacy, patience and tact go a long – so think before you speak. February is the LOVE month, so romantic issues are on the mind of many. Make time for love, romance and expressing your emotions this month.

Universal Month Number is 8 which represents strength, power and courage.

Universal Year Number is 6 representing opportunities to cultivate harmony, working on home and family matters, spending time with friends and family.

So in February we have the numbers 2 – 8 – 6  in play all month long where you can draw on the strength and power of love; work on emotions and feelings – find more balance and cultivate harmonious conditions. Be responsible in all domestic or friendship matters – take time to spend more time with family members, friends or a romantic relationship.Be of service to others and find their value. Use the powers of love-power-friendship to your advantage all during the month of February.

February’s Harmony Zones

The compatibility ratings for February are based on February’s 2 month vibration and compared to both the current 6 Universal Year and the current 8 Universal Month.  February has a wonderful loving quality and feel to it and is in sync with both the universal and monthly energies. Again, the keywords for February are: love, relationships, partnerships, balance, patience, cooperation.

  • Green Zone – Full speed ahead!  The 2 and 8 are a natural match vibration so this is fantastic news for cultivating love, relationships and partnerships of all kinds.
  • Comfort Zone – Favorable conditions ahead! The 2 and 6 is a compatible vibration to each other, so this is a nice blend of energies.

Happy February Everyone and I leave you with this love quote ~ Kathleen Lamoureux

“The best and most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart”

Relationship Coaching

Are you in a difficult relationship?  Are you thinking of getting into a relationship but are uncertain if He or She is the one?  Or are you in a difficult work or friend relationship and you wonder why? This is a very revealing one-on-one coaching session where I will analyze both person’s numerology birth charts dissecting the 6 core numbers from the birth chart of each person and comparing side-by-side the compatibility of the couple in key areas of their heart connection, personality traits, signature name expressions, birth day, life paths and their attitude toward each other.  This reading also compares the couple’s current personal year numbers. It’s worth the investment if you are in a relationship and not sure if you should make a commitment.  I can also help families discover the dynamics of each person in the family unit. Find out where you are compatible or not compatible and how to work with the challenges that you may be experiencing.

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