full moon

full moon (Photo credit: neubda)

The Full Moon in the dramatic heart-centered sign of Leo came in Saturday night at 8:38 p.m. in a 6 Universal Year, a 1 Universal Month and a 26 Day Number (26 reduces to 8). So we have a 6-1-8 vibration in the January 26 Full Moon date. 

The number 6 represents harmony, love, appreciation, self-sacrifice, loyalty, responsibility, cultivation of relationships;  number 1 represents initiation, beginnings, leadership, courage, the self;  number 8 represents power, authority, courage, organization, financial or monetary issues. 

The time of entry 8:38 of this Full Moon is calculated at a 1 vibration intensifying the energy of the 1 even more in the date which in turn causes more independence, individualism and self or ego-centered thoughts or actions.

Conflict or clashes are possible because while the 1 and 8 are neutral to each other, the energy could go either way – up or down depending on the situation, but the 1 and 6 are a challenge to each other creating dramatic interactions. 

The sign of Leo is a fire sign so with his presence, there could be a clash of emotions especially with the double 1’s in this Full Moon date. 1 is a mind number, 6 is a heart number, 8 is a power number, so here we have the mind and heart trying to make a connection with each other and seeking union and the 8 creating a power struggle or a battle of wills in the mix. Emotions, illumination, insights, power and authority will reveal themselves through this 1-6-8 mind-heart-power vibration. 

The potential of this vibration can help you initiate and magnetically attract whatever you desire in love, relationship, career using the power of self-expression and having the power to unleash yourself from the past to receive all the joy and happiness you deserve.


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