Lance Armstrong and The Number 9: Rejecting the natural inclinations of a Humanitarian!

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Lance Armstrong is finally going to give an exclusive interview to Oprah Winfrey on January 17th.

Apparently this interview is a no-holds-barred interview so we all know what that means.

In this interview “O” is going to ask Lance the obvious question “Did you use performance enhancing drugs?”

The truth shall set you free

Lance may try to talk or walk around the question in the beginning or through parts of the interview and/or try to justify why he DID IT, but most likely he will ultimately end up fessing up because he’s talking to Oprah after all and the whole world will be watching. It’s a path back to his own personal redemption and this interview should prove to be one of those famous “ah ha” moments to Lance himself that the “O” is famous for. We might even see tears as we have seen from past guests who have divulged their own personal stories that the “O” can elicit. The only other interviewer who has this ability is Barbara Walters.

Redemption or business decision?

I have been reading in the news lately from several news sources that Lance wants to, or is thinking about, an admission of guilt so that he can be reinstated to return to cycling competition. However a confession most likely won’t reinstate his career any time soon because there are so many legal hoops he would have to go through just to be reinstated. It could be by the time he is 50 before that happens and he is now only 41 – so he’s looking at another 9 years. 

But let’s take a look at Lance’s Lance Numerology Birth Chart and the role of the number 9 in his life. When I originally looked at his chart, I was momentarily stunned because it is DOMINATED by the number 9. The number 9 is his obsession and this is what he is here to master and obviously still has a lot of work to do in that realm.

It’s interesting to note that Lance’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is January 17 which reduces to the number 9. When you break the date down: 1 + 1 + 7 = 9.  So this date activates and intensifies all the 9’s in Lance’s Numerology Birth Chart. I am sure that Oprah’s network, OWN did not plan this date based on any metaphysical or numerological aspect, but purely as a business decision. However, it’s interesting to ponder how the Universe acts in mysterious and wonderous ways when we see this date played out again activating the number 9 in his Numerology Birth Chart. Lance just cannot escape this lesson.

Lance’s Chart Looks Like This:

9 Life Path
9 Birth Day Number
9 Attitude Number
9 Destiny Number
9 Maturity Number
999 – Life Cycle Numbers
999 – Pinnacle Numbers

Lance’s Story through the numbers

  • The Life Path is what you must accomplish in life to make you happy  so that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and mission. Lance really is a Humanitarian at heart. His 9 Life Path shows us that. It just seems that he has lost his way. Hopefully, and we can only hope, that he will find his way out of this dilemma and rise slowly out of the ashes to the positive attributes of who he fundamentally is and ultimately wants to be. A man who makes positive contributions in all ways to humanity. Perhaps his little chat with Oprah will set him free and place him on the positive side of what he is here to accomplish in his lifetime.
  • The Birth Day Number represents your talents and aspirations. The 18/9 Birth Day number is someone who is a born leader and capable of inspiring us.  When Lance learns to let go of all past negative attachments, especially that he did not receive his due in life  from parent abandonment  issues, he will begin live up to his natural-born talents.
  • Your attitude is  the impression you give people see when they first meet you. When people meet Lance, his 9 Attitude charms them with his ability to want to help others.
  • The Destiny Number is derived from the birth name and shows the direction you will take in life. If it is a natural match to your Life Path number it means that you are fulfilling your natural direction in life.  Both Lance’s Destiny Number and his Life Path Number are the same – 9. This means that once again, the number 9 is his biggest lesson in life. And we all know how big of a lesson it is for him. Ironically enough Lance was born Lance Edward Gunderson and all the letters in his birth name adds up to the number 9. Even his last name at birth – Gunderson – adds up to 45 which then reduces to 9.
  • But and this is a big but – his current name or how he expresses himself in life is Lance Armstrong. All the letters in this name adds up to the number 16 which then reduces to the number 7. Number 16 in the Tarot is related to the Tower. Look at the photo below of the traditional Rider-Wait Tower card. It depicts someone falling from the top of the tower and represents false beliefs and false behaviors. Interesting huh?Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
  • The Maturity Number represents that the gift of our maturity in life arrives when we finally pursue our underlying goals or wishes in life to be more fulfilled. It shows up when we have a better understanding of ourselves. The maturity  number helps you to channel your life in a specific direction. A 9 Maturity number demands that service to humanity is a fundamental aspect of his life. However,  a preponderance of 9’s in Lance’s Numerology Birth Chart is an indication that he needs to work on arrogance and alienation issues.
  • Life Cycle Numbers are divided into 3 divisions in our life:  birth – the middle – the end. Each stage represents a certain mastery over our life. Since all of Lance’s Life Cycle numbers are 9, it represents someone who needs to let go of all past grievances and negative attachments.  This stems from his childhood and the lack of a strong Father figure in his life.  His real Father walked away from him and actually did not want him to win at the Tour de France in the beginning and watched his life from afar with no contributions emotionally, physically or financially. Lance also had no real attachment to his stepfather and actually did not like him. So it is no wonder he is living on the negative side of his 9 because there was no Paternal bonding in critical areas in his life associated with social, emotional and psychological skills.
  • Pinnacle Numbers represents your attitude to life during 4 very specific times in your life and concentrates on particular attributes that must be incorporated into one’s fundamental being.This number forces you to deal with the qualities of that particular number during designated periods based on your date of birth. In Lance’s case, all four of his Pinnacle Cycle Numbers are the number 9. This means that with the number 9, Lance must learn to identify with some thing or some goal that is bigger than who he is as a person. The 9 is bigger than the sum total of Lance the Man and he must discover the qualities of being in service to others – rather than himself.

The Spiritual Meaning of Number 9

  • The number 9 is the most evolved number in numerology and is a highly spiritual vibration and nature.  The Life Path of a 9 is here to serve others and be the “humanitarian”. Life Path 9’s represent those that are helpful, compassionate, charitable, generous, and self-sufficient.  I would say that this sums up Lance’s Life Path in many ways – such as the cancer foundation he started – Livestrong which has helped thousands of those with cancer.  But Lance has still fallen short of the 9 Life Path goal.
  • This is usually the number of someone who is trustworthy and honorable. He has not shown us this side of his nature yet!
  • In numerology, number 9 is the fruition of the previous 8 numbers that precede it and represents attainment. Attainment of what you might ask?
  • The number nine is the attainment of universal knowledge and also the attainment of self-knowledge.
  • As a number 9 Life Path, Lance is here to learn who he is, what part he plays as a “humanitarian” on the world stage and what wisdom he has learned. More importantly, what wisdom is it that he can impart to  others in a humanitarian effort along the way once he gets his act together?

The Negative or Dark Side of the Number 9

  • There are positives and negatives to all things in life and Lance Armstrong is a perfect example of someone with a 9 Life Path and a preponderance of 9’s in his Numerology Chart who is living on the dark side.
  • The end result is that he has become an arrogant egomaniac. At the end of the day, he is a very unhappy, unfulfilled  man who is not fulfilling his destiny and has a lot of shame and heartache.
  • It appears as if he is rejecting the basic and natural inclinations of what it truly means to be a humanitarian.
  • Lance is not a bad person – just a person who is living more in his ego-driven self rather than his God-given spiritual inclinations.
  • A preponderance of 9’s in Lance’s chart indicates that there will be many losses and disappointments in personal affairs – and it is showing up in a big, big way.
  • Only Lance can change that.

“Our world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”
– Albert Einstein

Big hugs everyone and may the force of your numbers be with you,



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