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 “Discover YourSelf Through the Magical & Mystical Significance of your Numbers”

With Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux

Numerology is an ancient science that is over 2,500 years old.  This science that uses your birth name and the date of your birth to help you understand certain aspects of your life. Your name and the date of your birth provide clues and certain patterns in your life, which repeat many times over. Here are a few reasons to have a numerology coaching session with Kathleen.

  • A Numerology Coaching session can help you with a current and difficult situation you may be experiencing.  Numerology shows you how your personal numbers shape your destiny and impact your life using your primary numbers from your Numerology Birth Chart.
  •  Your current Essence Number and your Personal Year Numbers are two essential indicators of the forces that can and will influence your life during the course of any year. The Essence Number indicates the lessons you will be dealing with during that year and the Personal Year Number is a strong indication of the trends and circumstances you will experience during the year ahead. What we’re looking for in your reading are connections, the synchronicity that arises in everyday life ~ messages from spirit, the universe, or your own subconscious. It’s like a story that is told through the cards or your numbers. This is covered in Session II.
  • Each number in your Numerology Blueprint derived from your name and your birth date resonate to certain vibrations or frequencies, which can determine certain actions and reactions which can characterize your life. For example, your birth date provides patterns and vibrations that form the Life Path Number. The Life Path Number reveals what you must learn and manifest in this lifetime.  It IS what will make you happy when you live up to the potential it offers.
  • In session III you learn about cycles and what is happening in your life during certain periods of time – daily, monthly and yearly cycles which can help assist and guide you. A Numerology coaching session can provide comfort in times of uncertainty, and show you why life may have thrown you a difficult cycle. It can give you an idea of when difficult cycles or periods will be completed. It can assist you in finding the answers to the questions of why certain events occur at certain times. 

  • In an attempt to broaden one’s understanding of their life, I include your Tarot birth cards in Session IV.  Tarot is a powerful divinatory tool to help you guide you through the landscape of your life. Your Personality Card is your major signpost, and your Soul Card reveals the goals and true desires of your inner being that you don’t show to the world -it’s your iney belly button. It’s amazing how they synch up to your Personality Number and Soul Number in your Numerology Birth Chart.

 Zen Zone Club Packages

Coaching Package I 

Package I gives you the basics of your Numerology Birth Chart and the placement of your numbers in your chart, their importance and significance in your life and how they impact you.  In addition, I will send your Numerology Birth Chart worksheet via email for your records.

  1. Discover why following your Life Path will make you happy.
  2. Discover what your soul truly desires ~ it’s your secret self.
  3. Discover what your personality reveals about the outer you.
  4. Discover the strength of who you are and what you must do.
  5. Discover what talents you really possess.

Coaching Package II 

Are you wondering why things aren’t working out or why there are so many challenges in your life? Package II examines the challenges in your numerology chart and the numbers that are either a natural match, compatible or a challenge in your own Numerology Birth Chart.  Plus  you will discover the difference between a Personal Year Cycle Number and an Essence Year Cycle and what you need to know.

  1. Discover what challenge numbers there are in your numerology chart, especially in relation to your Life Path Number.
  2. Discover your natural match numbers, your compatible numbers  and your challenge numbers
  3. Discover your Personal Year Number and Essence Numbers.  Your personal year number shows you what’s trending for you during the calendar year, and your Epicycle numbers are the lessons you need to learn and work on from one birthday cycle to the next.

Coaching Package III 

A more in-depth look at your Numerology Birth Chart covering the important cycles in your Life. Very enlightening.  In addition, I will cover Who You Are In The Tarot and reveal your Personality and Soul cards in the Tarot.  It’s completely amazing how these two cards sync up with your soul and personality numbers in your Numerology Birth Chart.

  1. Discover your 3 Life Cycle numbers – the 3 great divisions in your life.
  2. Discover the importance of the 4 Pinnacles in your chart and how they are assimilated into your being.
  3. Discover your Challenge Numbers and when they begin and end.
  4. Discover YourSelf in the Tarot – Your Personality and Soul Cards.

Coaching Package IV 

Get an edge on the trends of your current month and how you can use it to your advantage.

  1. Get your Personal Monthly Forecast each month delivered to your email box. Discover if your personal month number and your personal year number are a match or are a challenge.  Discover the best days of the month to conduct business, legal matters, financial and banking matters and relationships.  


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