Only in growth, reform and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio falls on a universal 11 day. The number 11 is a master number that requires much of us if we are going to live up to the high vibrating energy it brings. This vibrating energy is a wavelength that has certain qualities or properties that can be felt universally even if they are subliminal.

Number 11 is the number of intuition and illumination and is the gateway or a channel to the subconscious — the portal to the soul. Eclipses bring change and a solar eclipse brings in new beginnings. These new beginnings will be intensified with the two ones in the number 11. Will you walk through the middle of the two ones or outside of the two ones. Which path will you choose?

Enter through the narrow gate;
for the gate is wide and the road
is easy that leads to destruction,
and there are many who take it.
For the gate is narrow and the
road is hard that leads to life, and
there are few who take it.
    ~ Matthew 7.13-14

The fact that this 11 vibrating energy is occurring during a solar eclipse and a Mercury Retrograde cycle in a 5 universal year increases the potential for chaos and more dramatic change. Eclipses are powerful catalysts that bring significant change to our lives and our relationships. Scorpio is the planet of transformation, regeneration and renewal.But before you can embrace new opportunities for change to enter, it is imperative to release yourself from the limitations of the past. As difficult as it is, you must learn to let go of all that is familiar in order to become something new –  your old ways are now no longer acceptable. This is the power of releasing and transformation. What you thought you knew about yourself yesterday will no longer be relevant today. While the New Moon is a time to set new intentions and plant new seeds to reap at the next Full Moon, and Scorpio rules hidden talents, the talent of the number 11 is that it rules intuition. Intuition is intelligence of the mind. You know what is true and what is false. Find your power and balance between your mind and your intuition. Acknowledge your past, then release it with one final push and breathe in the new. Today is a day of transformation and trusting in the process.

Kathleen Lamoureux is a Numerologist living in the San Francisco Bay area.  She wants to help youDiscover YourSelf through the magical and mystical significance of your numbers.
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