Leo A~

Leo A~ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leo Has Rulership in the Kingdom on a 21/3 Universal day with a New Moon in Leo.

The two key Universal numbers today are 21 and 3.

Number 21 represents  the change you need to go forward and when you have the ability to make fundamental changes in your life, it brings with it the rewards of your efforts.  So if you have had some project or idea in the thinking stages, today is a good day to bring it out of the closet.  If your ideas or projects are still a work in progress, you are now able to move more freely ahead as 21 supports your wishes and desires.

The second key Universal number is 3 which represents the creative passions of your imagination. With Mercury Retrograde behind us, your creative efforts can now go forward.  Number 3 is also a number of achievement and is the full expression of 1 + 2. With this abundance of  creativity and rewards for your efforts, you can truly ride the wave of opportunity today to create all that you desire.

The Tarot influence is the World – 21 
The World helps us gain control of our lives and represents the attainment of something you have accomplished. No matter how big or small – what you have been working towards will begin to pay off in big dividends now.

New Moon :)

New Moon 🙂 (Photo credit: joshveitchmichaelis)

The New Moon tonight is in the planet Leo
Leo is the Lion and he is the King of his Kingdom, as we should be in our own Kingdom. He epitomizes and is the very symbol of strength and courage and encourages you to stay and be in your own power.  Remember, you are large and in charge of your own life. You are the ruler of your own Kingdom. You have the power to do anything you want in your life and bring it forth.  You are the power.

New Moons Represent New Beginnings
This is the perfect day to throw in a New Moon ritual for good measure. Make a list of what you want to manifest (love, career, children, projects, ideas) and put out your crystals, candles, coins, photos, feathers in a special place and put your intentions out there. If you do, you will be rewarded with more dividends arriving by the Full Blue Moon on August 31st.  What makes this New Moon so exceptional is that with the number 21 – representing change and rewards and the number 3 – representing creativity, fertility and growth,  it’s the perfect time to allow these energies to support you.


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