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We have a Mars-Saturn Conjunction today, Wednesday August 15th on a 19/1 Universal day.

The 19/1 vibration is a great day to start new and fresh – a promising day to start all over and a great day to take advantage of the number 1. This brand new start includes  love, marriage, babies and rewards of any kind – especially if you have been working toward those efforts. What helps to propel these efforts forward is having life energizing forces behind you – and this is easy today due to the presence of the Sun. In the Tarot, the 19/1 vibration is connected to the Sun, which is  very positive card and brings into our very soul light and life because the Sun is a living and spiritual power.  The message is to allow the sun to illuminate peace and contentment from within and to let go of that which you can’t change or don’t understand. As with anything, there is always the positives which I just stated and then there is the negative side. The negative could involve being too impulsive and indulging your personal desires in the wrong vein or direction. So caution is advised. This will all make sense as I dissect the meaning of the Mars-Saturn conjunction that occurs today under this very positive 19/1 vibration.


In astrology,  a conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects have the same ecliptical longitude. In today’s case, Mars is in ecliptical longitude with Saturn. Mars rules our feelings of aggression and anger, and Saturn is the task master of both structure and authority.

Mars-Saturn Conjunction

Mars is often referred to as the angry planet for a reason, because it represents our feelings of aggression and anger.  Mars is symbolic of how we take action and what propels our actions. In the Tarot, Mars is associated with The Tower which, simply put, represents upheaval. It can bring the destruction of something that you now no longer recognize because the Tower brings to light all those things that were false or built upon false beliefs.

Saturn represents boundaries and restrictions and puts limitations in place. These restrictions, boundaries and limitations seem harsh when they occur and difficult to understand, but they are necessary evils because they help to transform you to a higher realm and make you a better person in the long run. In the Tarot, Saturn is associated with the World, which represents completion and accomplishment. However, this is where the dichotomy of  achieving it all and being human comes into play because this is difficult state of being. While the World represents total completion, we can’t achieve total completion because as human beings we are a ‘work in progress’  and are constantly growing and moving forward to achieve a state of  total understanding and awareness.  This is a requirement for the growth and evolution of our soul’s purpose.

Tying It All Together

The message of a Mars-Saturn Conjunction on a 19/1 day is to allow the soul-light of the Sun to illuminate your own soul-light and live in your own spiritual power. Utilize the force of Mars-Saturn to let go of unnecessary aggression and restrictions.  Allow these planets help you accomplish that which you both need and want to do, all the while removing the boundaries and limitations that have restricted you. This is your time to create all that you wish and to get clear abut what you want.  Utilize the structure that Saturn offers and the action that Mars represents.  When you exercise and use these tools to your advantage, you have the ability to create and manifest your dreams. Trust me, your efforts will be rewarded and your dreams will be fulfilled in ways beyond your original expectations.

Putting New Intentions Into Place

A New Moon is arriving in just two days on Friday August 17th to help you with your intentions on a 21/3 day. The number 3 epitomizes creativity. Put yourself out there this week by putting forth new and challenging efforts – create, create, create.  Use the power of the Butterfly to transform and the magic of the Raven to honor the magic in your own life.

The power of Numerology, the Tarot, Astrology and the Animal kingdom is very powerful. They are fantastic symbols that are here to assist you in every way. Pay attention to them, honor and respect them and they will serve and honor you as you go about the business of your daily life.


I am an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I work with individuals and entrepreneurs alike and I look forward to helping you transform your life in a positive direction.  Contact me at kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com