Marilyn Manson's alchemical mercury logo, whic...

Marilyn Manson’s alchemical mercury logo, which appeared in the artwork for Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) (2000) and was widely used in the band’s advertising and merchandise at the time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mercury finally goes direct today so we can now finally get back to the business of getting our messages across “clearly” and succinctly. Our reasoning process is much stronger than it has been for 3 weeks and we will now be able to speak clearly and think logically. The information highway is back in the saddle again, so to speak.

Daily Numerology is 21/3
Today’s 21/3 influence brings out our highly creative side with intuition thrown in for good measure, so trust that little voice inside your head.  Plans that were in the beginning stages, and stalled during Mercury Retrograde, may now go forward full steam ahead.

Connection to the Tarot

The Empress, from the Visconti tarot deck.

The Empress, from the Visconti tarot deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

21 represents the World and is the end of a cycle – that being Mercury Retrograde – so therefore, completion and fulfillment are indicated today. It’s all about expanding your interests, knowledge and circle of friends.

3 relates directly to the Empress who represents fertility, pregnancy or creative impulses.  Whatever your position or stage  you are in your life, it’s all about giving birth – whether it’s a child or a creative endeavor. Today’s Universal 21 provides you with the ability to tap into this energy.

Ah, we have survived 3 tumultuous and emotional weeks, including a Full Moon during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, so today is a good day to wipe the slate clean, to begin the process of communicating freely and clearly again.  It’s a day to tap into the creative being that you are and to create what you want in the world. After all, with the World by your side – it’s all about lessons and integration of what you learned the last 3 weeks. So let go of all the emotional energy that has been at the bane of this energy and shift into your conscious mind and draw upon your creativity and courage.


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