English: U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps shows off...

English: U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps shows off his Olympic gold medal as he stands on the victory podium with teammate Ryan Lochte, bronze medalist, and Hungary’s Laszlo Cseh, silver medalist, at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AUGUST IS A 13/4 MONTH IN A 5 UNIVERSAL YEAR ~ As we enter the month of August, the numerology of this month adds up to a 13  and then reduces to number 4.  The 4’s and 5’s abound this month.  We have the Olympics in August, and two Full Moons, so a lot of emotions and transformation is at stake.  Here’s the breakdown:

Keyword Reference:

13 release, transformation, death and change
4 building, steadiness, endurance, structure
5 change, chaos, instability confusion, freedom, loss


Olympics adds up to the number 40 which then reduces to 4

  • The Olympics this year has shown us the faces of many new and old Olympians who are winning by record margins or losing by fractions of seconds.
  • Michael Phelps started off shaky at the Olympics with a loss, but redeemed himself by winning his 19th medal on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 which is a 7 and is the number of spirit and reflection. He had the foresight to trust in the unknown and the unseen.
  • 19 medals is a number 10/1 vibration – representing his good fortune and good luck and a way to obtain the number 1 position in Olympic history.
  • 15 of those medals  are gold, a number 6 vibration  – representing not only LOVE (we love Michael Phelps) but it’s a problem-solving vibration. He pulled together and fulfilled his dream.
  • Of course the biggest scandal so far is the Badminton team from China who tried to advance using a completely bizarre and unorthodox method – losing early matches to win. This would be the number 5 at work causing chaos, confusion and loss.

In Numerology the 40/4 relates to building and births 

  • At the Olympics, this 40/4 would certainly be about building and setting records.
  • Messages of all kinds are at hand during a 40/4 vibration which includes building a home or a business. A birth is at hand  which not only includes a baby coming into the world, but also includes a business venture, or a new lifestyle. Something wants to be born.
  • In the Tarot, the 40/4 is associated with the Page of Cups which brings messages of an emotional nature or brings an emotionally charged situation out in the open.

Full Sturgeon Moon occurs on August 1 and is a 14/5 Universal day

  • The 14/5 vibration is one of change, excitement, but with the need to be adaptable
  • It is a temporary vibration that is filled with emotions relating to competitive situations.
  • Some Numerogists refer to the 14/5 as a Karmic Debt number where one is forced to adapt to circumstances that are always changing and unexpected occurrences that can cause instability.
  • In the Tarot, the 14/5 is associated with Temperance. The message here is to be able to blend opposing forces  which include beliefs, feelings, behaviors.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, harmony and patience is required, which is a difficult thing to maintain. But  Temperance is the perfect expression of staying in balance and blending all opposing forces.
  • A Full Sturgeon Moon – “The first of two full moons during the month of August. This one is the “Sturgeon” Full Moon. Named for the plentiful catch of this fish during the late summer months. This moon has also been called the “Red Moon”, “Green Corn” Moon, and the “Grain Moon”. ~ SpaceMike

Full Blue Moon occurs on August 31 (3+ 1 = 4)

  •  Officially a Full Blue Moon happens when a full moon occurs twice in one month. While a Blue Moon is not necessarily blue, the color strikes a chord with many people and cobalt blue happens to be the favored color in the world.
  • Symbolically the color blue is about clarity of expression.
  • In Numerology 31/4 is a competitive vibration and correlates to the 5 of Wands in the Tarot where quarreling and conflict can occur, so be careful and watch your words and actions on this day. But through competition comes a way to discover your own strengths and weaknesses.


  • August is the 8th month of the year and 8 is the number of movement, action, power and again – c-h-a-n-g-e.
  • The month of August resonates to a Universal 13 and this number is always on the dark side of our thoughts – it lives on the dark side of the moon so to speak (couldn’t resist).
  • When we think of 13, we automatically think of it as an unlucky number. Even elevators don’t have a 13th floor.
  • Friday the 13th is a day a lot of people fear. But “fear is a darkroom where negatives develop” ~ unknown

The number 13 comes into play in life as the number of both life and death. However, number 13 is also  a number that sparks regeneration and renewal.  During August we have a chance to have our 13th moment – a moment in time where we can bring an end to changes that no longer serve us – both on a personal level and on a humanitarian level. We need to bring changes to ourselves first however, if we expect the world to change.  Changes that bring an end to that which no longer serves us.  The world is in chaos and confusion (brought on by the 5 Universal year). If we don’t change, we will be forced to change. It’s going on everywhere in every part of the world and is playing out right before our eyes. We are being forced to break out of the chains that have bound us for so long. We are in an ethic and moral revolution. This is the reconstructive and re-building phase of where we are at this point in time – personally and globally.  Perhaps Ghandi said it best after all..

“Be the Change You Want To See in the World”

We have the opportunity to meet the old with the new and to change course. We can open our world to new possibilities and new and stimulating conditions rather than the old, outdated methods of actions that we have relied upon in the past and have used to get us through. We need to step up to the plate – right now! We need to be prepared by using a new role model.  We  need to replace the old Boy Scout or Girl Scout methods for that of a warrior.  Nothing more and nothing less is required. We cannot count on outside forces to carry us through. We must aspire to our own integrity of our purpose in life. We all have free will – we must use it to manifest all that is good and decent in the world.

Blessings and see you in September!

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