July is a 3 Universal Month in a 5 Universal Year

Keywords for the 3 are Creativity, Adapability, Growth
Keywords for the 5 are Change, Instability, Conflict, Loss


Universe (Photo credit: Loulair Harton)

We are officially at the half-way point of 2012 and the mid-point of a 9-year cycle and we are currently in a Universal 5 Year.  Every day it seems as if there are so many challenges and changes occurring at lightening speed in every realm possible throughout our Universe – from floods, epic fires, tornadoes, the banking and financial crisis worldwide, Occupy Wall Street, sexual predators and the Catholic church being held accountable for their atrocities to young children, and the list just goes on and on.  Everyday we wake up to news of some change, some conflict, some form of chaos, some sort of loss. Nothing is the same as it was and our innocence is most certainly over. We are in the midst of a Universal spiritual wake up call.


This is simply because the 5 Universal year is just that — it’s a cycle of change and more change.  This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak for change is inevitable; it is a natural part and occurrence of everyday life and is part of our evolution.  Just as the clouds and planets shift, we too must shift our ways, our thinking, our being. We cannot help but notice that change is  swirling around our bodies and there is this soul-mind connection of this change that we cannot seem to comprehend, yet we are aware of it unconsciously.  It’s as if a tornado has touched down around our ankles and threatens to sweep us off our feet, and seems to have a paralyzing effect — at least for the moment.

As spiritual beings, we are being asked by the Universe to change fundamental ways of being and to transform into the serious and more spiritual aspects of our foundation and our roots because the Earth as well as Universal consciousness is shifting. We must shift with it too or be forced to change without so much as an opportunity to change of our own free will. If not, then those that don’t will be be forced to go with the greater Universal powers.  By the end of the year we will see some truly dramatic change occur so we must be prepared. We are truly being asked to step up to the plate. Change or be changed — it’s that simple.


In July we see the 3 pop up in several instances. For example,

  • 7 + 2012 = 12/3. The shadow side of the 12 is that it forces you to see things as they really are and not as you wish them to be.
  • There are 12 universal months and 12 reduces to 3. Use your creativity.
  • The Full Moon on 7/3 is at 12 degrees Capricorn. Again 12 reduces to 3 and here you have the opportunity to be elevated in some teaching role.
  • Three is symbolized by a triangle and the message is that there are 3 sides of the coin.
  • Three is the culmination of 1 and 2 – it helps you to progress.
  • The Empress (3) in the Tarot helps you to create and find your passion.


A card from the Visconti tarot deck. (Three of...

A card from the Visconti tarot deck. (Three of Cups) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In July we have the opportunity to use the number 3 to our advantage. It is the number of creativity and the full expression of something. The message of the 3 is this — Be careful that you do not scatter your energies this month for this is the bane of the 3 energy. It is a great month to embrace all the joy and optimism that you can muster because it is a playful and happy energy. It reminds me of the 3 of Cups in the Tarot — it’s here that we find and can explore the depth of our own human emotion. Surround yourself with those you love and those who love you right now for this is crucial to your emotional well-being — stay connected. This month there could be many happy celebrations such as a wedding (yours or others), a christening, a graduation and all kinds of relationships flourish under  3 vibration – especially LOVE.

It is helpful this month to use the energy of both the 3 and 5 to focus on the bigger picture rather than the little things. Use your magical connection to the Universe to create new and user-friendly alternatives by creating a different phase of your life. This is where you will flourish.

The July Full Moon occurs on 7/3/2012 and is a 15/6 Universal Day

A 6 vibration during this Full Moon in Capricorn, which is the planet that is both conservative and traditional with tenacious tentacles for good measure, is akin to climbing up the mountain of love.  It is a hard and arduous climb but well worth the effort and the rewards are even greater when you get to the top.  So keep your eye on the prize (LOVE) and you will be amply rewarded.  Keep in mind, that number 15 is associated with the Devil in the Tarot and is the number of bondage and self-enslavement, but only if you allow it.  Have the courage to break away from the restrictions that do not serve you.

The Full Moon is a time of uncertainty, illusions, fluctuating emotions and secrets are afloat. While it is important to pay attention to your dreams, also pay attention to your intuition and attend to your soul. Use this time to see clearly the horizon and not the fog banks.

2012 is a 5 Universal year representing opportunity for change. What do YOU want to change? And most importantly, what will you have the courage to change? 


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