number 22

number 22 (Photo credit: jontintinjordan)


Today is a 22 Universal Day
Today’s universal date adds up to a 22 which is a master number. My calculations are this 6 + 11 + 2012 (6+11+5) = 22.  Please note that I do not reduce master numbers (11, 22, 33 and 44) and 2012 reduces to a 5.

The Intuitive Whisperer
There’s an 11 in today’s date which is what I refer to as the Intuitive Whisperer. 11 is a master number that brings forth the intelligence of the other part of your mind – the intuitive side. You must learn to be accepting of your intuition – a powerful logic but one that is based on faith.

Master Number 22
Today’s date adds up to 22 which is another master number that is considered the most powerful of all numbers because it is a number of a complete cycle and of fulfillment. This number provides you with the opportunity to advance your dreams and reach ALL your goals. Whatever secret desire you have — today is the day to make those big plans or advance — at least a little.

Today’s Message
Listen to that little voice inside of your head. Even though you might hear it as a whisper, it is screaming to be heard. And it is saying “Dare to dream the great dream and all possibilities that are available within and without.” Remember that your dream can become your reality – just keep focusing on it, little by little, day by day, chip by chip…

2012 is a 5 universal year representing opportunity for change. What do YOU want to change this year?


Kathleen Lamouerux is an Intuitive Numerologist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Discover why you are here on this earth plane through your numbers.

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