Eclipse moon lunar

Eclipse moon lunar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Full Moon Soar Eclipse in Sagittarius

When ~ Monday, June 4th
Time ~ 7:12 A.M. EDT – a 10/1 vibration
Daily Number of the Universe ~ 6
Keywords ~ Love, Appreciation Compassion, Temperance
Sagittarius ~ Understanding of spiritual consciousness

The major significance of a Lunar Eclipse is one that forces us to take a look at the deeper side of our emotions as the Moon rules our emotional body. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the culmination of the New Moon — the fruition of those seedlings and new ideas.

Sagittarius is Fire, Mutable, Positive
Ruled by Jupiter the planet of communication
Tarot card association – Temperance
Keywords – Alchemy, Moderation, Balance, Blending

The significance of Sagittarius during this Lunar Eclipse is learning to find balance in your life and the ability to blend or integrate opposing ideas, beliefs or feelings. When you learn to temper the way you see or feel in life you are able to understand and fully integrate a life of balance.  Action Steps: Be aware of temperance in your life and what you don’t understand, you can now begin to understand. Allow the alchemical process to help you moderate life in all ways – emotionally, mentally, physically and physically.

The 15/6 Vibration at Lunar Eclipse

When we look at how 15 is reduced to the number 6, we can see that there is some type of manipulation and love going on at the same time – the 15 wants to rule the 6 and visa versa.  Number 6 is a vibration that rules love, marriage and domestic relationships. There is an emphasis on the home, relationships and community. This vibration stimulates the aspects of responsibility and strong ties of friendship.  Number 15 indicates some sort of manipulation, obsession and reckless pursuit going on.  The planet Sagittarius (the 14) brings in that fiery energy, but the key to success is to blend the energies of each in perfect harmony.  I take you back to that word Temperance for it is where the alchemical process of blending that perfect balance lies.

Action Steps during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
The energy could be emotionally charged, especially in matters of love and relationships. During a Lunar Eclipse it is a time of endings and the culminations of something dear to your heart — some past effort is coming to fruition as this is the completion stage of something that you began quite a while ago.  Whatever it is, it is an exciting and dramatic time. The key is to practice love, appreciation and compassion. Mix and blend your behaviors and truly temper your thoughts and feelings.


2012 is a 5 Universal Year representing opportunity for change. What do YOU want to change?

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