Universal Number For June is Master Number 11

Number 11 is the Intuitive Whisperer. It’s the number of intelligence – one that invites us to open up to our intuitive side. It  allows illumination to reflect that intuitive process that each of us have within and the spirit which lives in the center of our being.  The 11 allows us the opportunity to be bigger than we are outside of ourselves– to serve humanity. Let’s break it down:

    • 11 represents the intuitive side of our mind which lives within our intelligent consciousness – but we have to learn to respond to it when it whispers to us. When we use this source as a gift, we don’t reason away the source it comes from and we don’t fill ourselves with doubt, because doubt only destroys our gift of intuition.
    • 11 is the number of illumination which causes us to reflect upon different aspects in our life as our personal world and the world at large changes. Do we grow in spirit as a result of these changes or do we stay stuck in self-destruction. This is where we have the opportunity to take responsibility for our personal life and that of our world so that illumination can follow.

New Beginnings

11 is also two ones that look like a gateway. The number 1 represents new beginnings but here we have two 1’s in June, so we have opportunity to double anything that we want to begin. These two 1’s are a gateway to your truth.  You can walk between them and consciously choose new paths and a new beginning, or you can walk around them and let indecisiveness and non-action rule.

As I have written about numerous times, 11 is associated with “Justice” in the Tarot.  Here again, we have a woman who also stands between two pillars with the opportunity to find balance through justice.  The scales in her hand represent the fact that the law of cause and effect is essentially always in effect – what you do and how you react in any situation will cause everyone to be at the affect of your actions. So think before you walk through the pillars of truth.

Action Thought for June –> Go For IT…  

Action Steps for June

  1. Take responsibility for your life this month, this year and everyday and ponder this: What can you do to shift your thinking so that you can live up to the master vibration of the Intuitive Whisperer — number 11? Just by shifting your thinking you can manifest the power to live up to the greatness of you.
  2. Look at all the things you can do with yourself and your life — use the power of the double 1’s to open up to that creative energies inside of you and begin whatever it is you truly want to begin doing — a new relationship, taking your art to another level, beginning a new business venture. Take some type of action. The 1’s are the leaders of the world, they are the individuals who work for themselves, they are independent and not dependent upon anyone to lead them.  Go for it –> you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  3. Action = Using the power of the double 1 energy this month to begin operating at full steam ahead. Non-Action creates stagnation and feelings of helplessness and weakness. As always, it’s a choice. What is going to be yours?

2012 is a 5 Universal Year representing opportunity for change. What do YOU want to change?

Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist in the San Francisco Bay Area who truly wants to help you Discover YourSelf through the magical and mystical significance of your numbers.  Kathleen works with individuals and entrepreneurs alike. If  you are confused about any area of your life or need some guidance and direction, contact her at kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com for a life coaching session using your Numerology Blueprint or a Tarot reading.