New Moon Landing

New Moon Landing (Photo credit: Avital Pinnick)

New Moon in Taurus

Date: 4/21/2012
Time: 3:18 a.m.

Both the New Moon date and time of its arrival is resonating to a 12/3 Vibration

The number 12 reduces to a 3. This is the number of creativity and the number of completion of the 1 and 2. Whatever you started is culminating and growing. Progress is gaining ground. The number 3 combines talent with creativity. Many people believe that “things happen in three’s” and the 3 is associated with 3 cards in the Tarot (here we have the 3 again – interesting): the Empress, the Hanged Man and The World.

  • The Empress represents fertility and creative growth.
  • The Hanged Man represents a different perspective
  • The World is about completion and achievement
Taurus is an earth sign and represents stability, endurance and patience

Today’s New Moon might find you may find you in a holding pattern. You may be forced to change old thought processes and look at things from a new perspective. This is a day when all things could be in suspension and alternate ways to the goal may have to be implemented. Don’t worry, you are in perfect control – even if you don’t think you are. Just take another look at things. Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? It’s all about perspective today as the New Moon provides us with an opportunity to plant new seeds. Could it be new seeds of consciousness. You are poised for a breakthrough – don’t mess it up by staying stuck in one thought process. Gather yourself and/or your thought processes, dust yourself off and prepare to find all your successes in any endeavor you are trying to manifest.

Prepare for the fruits of the Full Moon on the day of New Moon

  1. Make a list of your intentions today – no more than 10
  2. Write out a New Moon Check today making it payable to yourself. List the $ amount as “Paid in full” and the total amount you allow yourself to receive.  Signed by “Spiritual Law”
  3. Place this check and your list in your special space
  4. Meditate on your intentions in your list daily until May 5th – the next Full Moon
  5. On the next Full Moon on May 5th, review your list and see how many intentions you were able to manifest.

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