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number 9

April and the Number 9

April is a universal 9 month.
The keywords for the number 9 universal vibration are:

  • Transition
  • Change
  • Compassion
  • Initiation
  • Imminent and long-term endings.

Monthly cycle numbers are just as important as yearly number cycles. The influence of this number impacts us temporarily during the current month. These influences are not as strong per se as a yearly cycle, but nevertheless we feel the temporary energy of this vibration all around us during the month and this temporary energy can influence our moods and the general outcome and how we will deal with these energies.

The Temporary Vibrational Energies of the 9

Define the energy -If you are feeling as if something needs to change in your life, it probably does.  You may not quite know what is bothering you with a sense of helplessness or lethargy.  What you do know, is that something has to change. In order to move forward positively this is a good time to go within and listen to your inner self.

Number 9 is a testing number, which means that the more you evolve, the more difficulties you encounter along the path of life.

Relationships of all kinds (personal and business) can be cemented during a 9 cycle and made more enduring.  Gifts and blessings can be abundant now from friends or loved ones. Don’t forget to do something charitable for others in exchange for these gifts and blessings you receive.

Compassion was a keyword for the 9 monthly cycle of April. In order for compassion to enter your life, it is important at this time to be equally compassionate towards others. In this way you open up the channel to draw the right people and situations to you so that you yourself may move forward during the 9 cycle. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t forget to be compassionate towards others. It opens up the channels for you to receive all that you desire now.

Meditation Practices – Get into that meditative space and really pay attention to the answers that come to you. This can be either through actual meditation, dreams or recurring dreams.

Pay attention – To your hunches, recurring symbols or repeated number sequences.  This is your intuition at work and your angels want you to pay attention to your hunches or symbols.  Recurring numbers – single, double or triple digit numbers indicate that your angels are around you and they are magically trying to get your attention – it is a clue as how to proceed.

Triple Digit Numbers – Since we are in a 9 month cycle triple 999 means that you are at the end of a major cycle and is there to remind you that there is a way through obstacles.  A 9 month is a really great time to finish up with all unfinished business. What have you started that needs to be completed?

Animal Totems and Animal Symbols – What animal symbols are you seeing around you?  One of my favorite sites is www.whats-your-sign.com. Check it out.  “Understanding and accepting the power of symbolism allows us to learn more about ourselves and our world” –Avia Venefica.

What is your personal animal totem or medicine? Whatever it is – a land animal, an air animal,  an insect animal, etc., these are examples of your personal medicine surrounding you and improves your connection to the Great Mystery and to all of life. Your personal animal medicine brings personal power and strength, so take a moment to reflect on the message when you see your personal medicine come to you repeatedly.

Endings – A 9 cycle can and will have an impact on relationships and can end during this particular cycle. This can include friendships, business relationships and romantic relationships. If any of these types of relationships end, it is simply because their need  has been fulfilled.  You have learned what you needed to learn and it is time to move on.  You may have to let friends or relationships go because they no longer serve your evolutionary process.

Embrace Change – This is not a time to have a pity party (well maybe for 10 minutes you can have a good cry), but be ready to embrace change for what it is and get ready for the number 1 cycle that arrives in May. The number 1 represents a brand new beginning and starting over.

Monthly Tarot Influence is the Hermit

The Hermit in the Tarot is number 9 in the major arcana. What do we think of when we think of a hermit? Hiding out comes to mind. Yes, but it is more than that – it’s about learning to go within and to meditate. Meditation was also mentioned in the numerology portion of this post, so there is no coincidence here. Learning to evaluate or reevaluate a situation while in a state of mind that allows you to manifest inevitable change is a sign of enlightenment.

The Hermit is a humble teacher in disguise who wants to help you master changes that come your way. It takes a very long time in life to acquire wisdom. The value of allowing this humble teacher into your life is learning the value of withdrawing from life for a moment so that you can move forward. It’s a good time to go for a walk in nature or on the beach.  Allow the endorphin rush from exercise to produce a feeling of well-being. When you have this feeling, then you will know what to do.  When you can commune with nature and listen to your inner promptings is when you are able to check your ego at the door and allow insight and intuition to enter. You really have all the answers you need, you just need to introspection.

Happy April everyone! Be well and know that I honor your path and pray for your well-being.  For more April numerology, please click on the Monthly Numerology Trends to get the universal numbers on all the events in April.


Kathleen Lamoureux is an Numerologist and Intuitive Healer in the San Francisco Bay area. Learn how to “Discover YourSelf” with an intuitive coaching session, or your personal numerology blueprint.

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