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Circa Antonio Carlos Jobim ... " Aguas de Marco ... Waters of March " .... Dedicated to Nicolas Mayer (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off ...)

“A bushel of March dust is worth a king’s ransom” – Unknown

March 2012
An 8 Universal Month

Eight is a very powerful number which rules courage, material success, responsibility and business endeavors. It is a number that values control and loves power. Karmically, if you have done your homework this is your monthly mantra “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  This means that whatever you have put your energy and focus into, your rewards will be like the best dessert you have ever had! In March the number 8 can be used to your advantage and is really a great vibration to begin any type of business venture. Rest assured that material rewards will be operating at their peak this month. The world is your oyster in this regard, so what are you waiting for? Get organized and use your time wisely. As I like to say “Discover YourSelf.”

Monthly Tarot Influences

The first Tarot card that is influencing March is the 8 of Pentacles.  This card represents a new job, or perhaps a change in your current job status. A money-making venture can find its way to you.  This month could find you burning the midnight oil. You may be working 2 jobs or working longer hours to make ends meet or to work on an existing or latent talent you have. The 8 of Pentacles often times refers to those who are trying to learn a new skill or working on an existing skill or hobby so that you may eventually benefit financially and creatively and use this skill to its fullest potential. Remember that success is attained through your own due diligence.

The second Tarot card that is influencing March is Strength for it indicates the courage and inner strength we will all need on a universal level to handle the turbulent effects of the 5 universal year that we are currently experiencing in 2012.  Five is a number that can bring about extreme change and turbulence as we have already seen this year on the world stage and in the private lives of celebrities.  Many of us are going through our own personal Tsunami as well. It’s how you deal with it and find your own courage and inner fortitude that will get you through any trials and tribulations that you may be experiencing this month.  With number 8 on the scene this month, learn to  operate at the maximum levels of your energy levels lending all those around you your own strength and assurance. Sow your own seeds of love and find ways to encourage yourself or others.


FULL MOON – 3/8/2012 = 16/7 – This is a full moon of intensity – of love affairs and sudden and unusual events, so hang onto the reins of your horse so you are not led down the primrose path. The number 16 in both Numerology and the Tarot rules destruction and awakenings on a whole new level. A good house must be built upon a good foundation, however, the influence of the full moon may cause a collapse in your house. Therefore, you must see all situations with an open mind and to see the truth for what it is – either positive or negative.  The 7 is the number of spirit and oftentimes this number forces us to go inside and to meditate and contemplate all that is happening.
Tarot association is the Tower – Massive energy, upheaval, Ruled by Mars

NEW MOON 3/22/2012 = 28/1 – The new moon is that time during the month when we have the opportunity to plant seeds and await for their fruition on the full moon. With the number 28 vibration we find contradictions and as with the 16/7 vibration, again we see unusual events transpiring.  During a new moon we find ourselves aspiring to financial abundance and prosperity, but this month be careful in partnership dealings or putting too much faith in one particular person or a project – this is where the contradictory nature of the 28 play a role. Be careful of yours and others motives. This could be a testing new moon phase where the results don’t pay off as expected at the next full moon which will occur on April 6th. Don’t think you have all the answers. Use good judgement in all situations and with all those who you are invested in.
Tarot association is the Magician – Dexterity, Control, Ruled by Mercury

FIRST DAY OF SPRING 3/20/2012 = 10/1 – The wheel of fortune is shining as the first day of Spring bounces onto the earth’s playground.  This is truly a day of expansion and a stroke of luck. Whatever you have quietly been working on in the background is about to pay off in a big way. You are the innovator, the entrepreneur and all that you have been diligently working on and creating will be expanded. The keyword is diligent – so long as you have been in this mode and working wisely, your work will be rewarded.
Tarot association is the Wheel of Fortune – Expansion, good luck, Ruled by Jupiter

Happy March and remember,

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies” Mother Teresa


“Discover YourSelf”

Kathleen Lamoureux is a Numerologist and Intuitive in the San Francisco Bay area using numerology and tarot as symbols to help you understand and discover yourself. For more information or to receive a coaching session or your numerology blueprint go to