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Happy holidays everyone! December is here and its arrival marks several dates in the month that are cause for celebration. December is one of the most celebrated months of the year and is both joyful but stressful. This month is packed with many memorable dates that highlight the month. There’s Christmas, Hanukkah and the winter solstice, plus the usual fare of a new moon, a full moon and Mercury Retrograde’s energy is still here until December 13th when it goes direct – ahh!

So let’s get to the dates and see which numbers are influencing the energy of the cosmos in December and see how it will impact you and the world at large.

December 2011 is a 7 universal month
The 7 reminds us that this month it’s not just about giving gifts, but giving from the heart and spirit.  The 7 reminds that it’s about the celebration of our spirit and the understanding that uniting or reuniting with family, loved ones and friends is the most important thing in our lives. This month it’s time to contemplate and having an inner awareness. A time to be more insightful about yourself and for others. Pay attention to a family member or a friend that needs special attention. Be generous, loving, kind and giving and open your spirit to them. This is the true gift of giving. This is spirit at work.

Tarot card association – The Chariot
This is your spiritual vehicle for travel and represents a time in which you can be triumphant, however, in order to reap benefits it does require self-discipline. If you can master this, then many rewards are yours.

Hanukkah begins on December 21
The Jewish tradition of Hanukkah begins on December 21st and is a festival of lights with 8 days of ritual illumination. Lights are a form of illumination and is a reminder to keep your own inner light illuminated. 12/21/2011 adds up to 10. Ten is the culmination of things and brings with it the ability to lead and be independent. It brings with it the manifestation for what you have cultivated. On December 21st it’s a good day to express those new and creative ideas that have been swirling around in your head. This is a good day to stand apart from the crowd and make your own decisions.  As long as you have done the work and laid a good foundation, rewards, progress, inheritance, financial favors, a special opportunity you have been waiting for can be yours.

Tarot card association – The Wheel of Fortune
This is the card of destiny and whatever you have been waiting for is about to happen on the day Hanukkah begins – so hang on tight, for you are about to get all that you want and more. Jupiter is the associated planet in astrology and is known as the King of the Gods in Roman mythology and these are the keywords to pay attention to: Expansion, good luck, opportunity, faith.

The Winter Solstice begins on December 22nd
12/22/2011 adds up to 11 and we just happen to be in the 11th year of this century. Eleven is a Master number which works through the subconscious and opens up the channels of intuition and illumination. Winter Solstice is the celebration of the longest night and the shortest day of the year. It is the great stillness before the sun’s strength begins to rebuild itself. Winter Solstice is a time for renewal, reflection and celebration. It is a sacred time of rest where we can collectively connect to the high vibration of the number 11 and walk through the pillars of truth. So on this special day of the year, allow your spirit to reflect on the images of  new ideas and inspiration that beckons your invitation.  Use your instinctual intuitive nature and feel the power of the source of the 11 within you – the balance between your mind and intuition. Then you will truly feel the true power of illumination working through you.

Tarot card association – Justice
The Justice card represents balance and fairness. The symbol of the scales indicates that all things must be weighed and measured fairly. Legal matters, signing contracts could be at hand or you may be weighing or balancing a certain life situation. Discover the essence of duality.

Full Moon is December 10th
This is an 8 universal day which rules material success and power. The universal energies can help you manifest business prospects and/or ventures in creative and daring ways. Recognize your power and see your vision with more illumination than before. If you have been working steadily toward your goal you are in the flow today so reap, reap, reap.

Tarot card association – Strength
Strength is about having courage and inner strength. Learn to build your strength from situations that upset or confuse you. True strength lies in understanding the teachings of life. Your inner strength provides you with more power than you thought you could muster. Courage, fortitude, patience, kindness, discipline and passion all equal inner strength.

New moon is December 24th
The new moon falls on Christmas Eve which is a 4 universal day. New moons are a time to quietly reflect and meditate upon that which you desire, so write a letter to the universe asking for all that you want and don’t forget to write your new moon check made payable to yourself in the amount you deserve. The universal energy of the 4 resonates to discipline, being pragmatic and down-to-earth. This is a good day to be practical and commit completely to your goals. Be determined and persevere. Remember that New Moon list – it works. Believe and have faith.

Tarot card association – The Emperor
The Emperor is an authority figure who represents power, authority and dominance of a situation. When you tie this in with the universal energies of the 4 day on the New Moon it completely makes sense that the Emperor represents triumph and success today. With the appearance of this archetypal male, it is a sign of financial stability, abundance and achievement. Therefore, this is a great omen for any business or career matter that you are involved in. This puts you in a powerful position to manifest all you have been working toward.

Celebrate You
These two words reduce to the number 7. Very interesting especially because the month of December is resonating to the universal energy of a 7 which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. You are a very special person my dear friend and you deserve to be happy all the time and achieve all that you desire. This time of year always makes us realize how fast the year has gone and forces us to wonder what have we accomplished over the past year. You have achieved a lot my friend – more than you realize. However it is important to understand that you are an intelligent spiritual being who has more inner wisdom than you think. This month, use the energies of the 7 to assist you in the process of opening up to metaphysical or religious disciplines – whatever that is for you. Take time to celebrate yourself by taking care of yourself. Discover how to meditate to reduce stress, which includes exercising, eating well and getting a lot of rest.  Don’t drive yourself until you run out of gas. A 7 universal month is your time to reflect and analyze yourself, your dreams and your goals so that you can propel yourself forward into the universal energies of change next year. So pace yourself wisely this month and don’t forget “Celebrate You.”

Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for joining me this past year.



Kathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist and life coach in the San Francisco Bay area using numerology and tarot as symbols to help you understand and discover yourself. For more information or to receive a coaching session or your numerology blueprint go to