11.11.11 and The Eleventh Hour


The following words of wisdom are from a Hopi Elder and I believe tell a story about the state of the world today and what we must and can do to walk toward the future and survive the shifts in that are occurring globally – economically, environmentally, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We must put on another coat of armor, because the one we are currently wearing, has worn out and is in need of change.

The Eleventh Hour Words of Wisdom from A Hopi Elder

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . . Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

The significance of the date11.11.11 Why are we so attracted to not only the number 11, but the date 11.11.11 in particular?  What is so special about this date that it will be one of the most documented dates in recent history which will not repeat itself. Numerology has really caught on fire in the last several years and is an ancient science that is being taken more seriously than ever before. People are paying more and more attention to numbers, especially double and triple denominations. Anytime we see double or triple digit numbers, it seems to create an awareness within and gets our attention. On a Universal collective level there seems to be more awareness of certain numbers when they appear. It has been well documented that when we see triple digit numbers our angels or spirit guides are trying to get our attention or alerting us to pay attention to our immediate environment and life choices we might be making. Each number in numerology resonates to a certain vibration. Let’s break down the number 1 sequence:

  • 1 is associated with starting over and beginning anew.
  • 11 is a master number that represents the intelligence of our intuition – but we must be open and receptive. 11 is associated with the Justice card in the Tarot, which is about creating balance, making decisions and fairness.
  • 111 – represents divine guidance from your angels or spirit guide helping you to go in new directions you may need to make.
  • 11.11 – Is our gateway to the future. The Hopi Elders believe the prophecy is already happening.  If we are present, we see the future.
  • 11.11.11 – Adds up to the number 6, which is the number of harmony and service to others. In the Tarot, it is associated with the Lovers which represents creating strong and loving relationships as well as communication and choices.
  • 11.11.2011 – Adds up to the number 8 which is associated with material success and power. In the Tarot, 8 is associated with the Strength which requires our inner strength to surface.
  • 11 x 3 = 33. This is the third master number and is considered a Christ vibration as the word Savior reduces to the number 33. It is the highest level of the love vibration there is.

Number 11 seems to have struck a chord with the world and has many followers with. While the Number 11 is not a religion per se, this number seems to be its own religion and has ignited its own passionate followers and disciples. There are groupies of the Number 11 all over the world.  There is also an independent film in the works “11:11: – An ensemble piece about the interconnectivity of lives and the effects that time and decision-making have on destiny.” 

The spiritual significance of The Eleventh Hour

I have been studying the Hopi culture for over 35 years. I have known from the moment I was introduced to the Hopi through one of the most important spiritual mentors in my life (who recently passed on) that there was and is a connection between the physical and spiritual realms.  I instantly recognized the spiritual symbolism and the ancient traditions of the Hopi. The Hopi symbolically represent powers we repress and they understand how to and apply a natural rhythm to their life that we have forgotten. We have left behind our elders wisdom. If we listen and pay attention to the signs and symbols all around us, the Hopi can remind us that we can, and must attune ourselves to the need for spiritual change. The Hopi, People of Peace, are the oldest, most private and traditional North American Indian Tribe in existence today. These are the words in the Introduction of a book I was writing with my spiritual mentor, Schuyler before he passed:

The word Hopi means “well-behaved and well-mannered” and describes a person who keeps heart, speech, and behaviors pure; one who is hard-working, merciful and hospitable. Their ancestors were challenged to accept the discipline needed to survive in a harsh environment in exchange for a heightened sense of spiritual power and understanding. The Hopi met this challenge and continue to experience and follow their original wisdom teachings. They continue their spiritual awareness each year which is reinforced in seven major ceremonies that is the focal point of their thoughts and energies. Their rituals and ceremonies embody a philosophy of life totally in balance with their physical and spiritual realms. “The Hopi Way” values simplicity, purity, honesty and humility and their ancient and powerful belief system has survived for nine centuries in spite of numerous attempts of others of differing religious denominations for change. In comparing the state of the world today to the Hopi belief system, the date 11.11.11 and the consequences of deviating from a narrow path in order to live an easier life, gave rise to an ancient warning located near one of the early Mother Hopi villages, Oraibi which was founded in the year 1100 AD. This ancient warning is similar to admonitions that Jesus and Buddha gave.

Jesus Said: “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who take it”. – Matthew 7.13-14. This date 7.13-14 adds up to number 7, the principle number used over and over in both the Old and New Testament. 7 is a spiritual vibration and offers much inner wisdom when receptivity occurs.

Buddha Said: “Just as there are few pleasant parks and lakes, but many dense thickets and inaccessible mountains, so are there few beings who will be reborn among men. More numerous are those who will be reborn in Purgatory.” – Anguttara Nikaya 1.19

Note: 1.19 adds up to Number 11, the primary  master number which must be used to create a balanced life where all your actions are weighed and measured. Can you live up to this master vibration or are you defined by the base number 2 to which Number 11 reduces to? These admonitions from two of the greatest spiritual figures of all time reminds us of the divergence in the road to our spirituality and enlightenment. When there comes that fork in the road or the mountain road becomes less accessible, this is the time when your vision needs to become 20-20. When your vision becomes dim, your physical self and your spirit become unbalanced. I believe the spiritual significance of 11.11.11 is that it is a gateway — the gateway to  enlightenment. 11.11.11 is an entry system towards our own spiritual values and understanding. It is a time when we know the world is changing and therefore, our human nature also needs to reflect different images, changes and relection of a new vision of our spiritual attitudes and spiritual power.

The Hopi believe that there is no clear division between human beings and the spirit world. If you change your consciousness, open up your heart and listen, the message is clear in the vibration of 11.11.11

  • Discover a new direction and take the path that leads to the gateway of truth.
  • Witness your spiritual journey and find your true path.
  • Have vision – pay attention to all the signs and symbols that come your way daily and see the sacredness in all things.
  • Gather and evolve – attend to all that is important in your life.
  • Have courage – find and stay in faith, especially during difficult times.
  • Allow your intuition to help you find the truth of your accumulated wisdom.
  • Reflect and deflect – accept the invitation from the universe to change course and reach a new level of awareness and consciousness that is reflected in the mirror of your spirit. Deflect all that is not good, humane or charitable. As Moses said, “Do only to another man what you would that he do unto you.”
  • Transform yourself – Seek enlightenment and illumination will follow.

A World Out of Balance

11.11.11 is a once in a lifetime occurrence, yet is the portal that opens up the gateway for change.  This date in history is only the beginning of that change. Here we are offered a chance to be guided.  We are facing a time of uncertainty – our future is not clear and there is a growing dissatisfaction with a world vision that has restricted itself to a materialistic, scientific and technological space that has taken us away from our roots.  Today is just the beginning of change which will require much from us.  Today is a destination that we have unconsciously prepared ourselves for. We know what is happening in the world because of our experience with the past.


There are six 1’s in 11.11.11 which adds up to the Number 6 – This is the number of harmony. To achieve happiness in life, we must have harmony – it is an essential ingredient in life. To be in harmony requires balance and equilibrium between our physical and spiritual natures.  And I reiterate again in part what the Hopi Elder from Oraibi said in the poetry of his words: Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. Create your community. Be good to each other, and do not look outside yourself for the leader.  On 11.11.11 you have the opportunity to create the vibration of harmony by adjusting your daily life and behavior patterns to incorporate equal effort in all directions of your life. You have the opportunity to bring about change and create awareness and new consciousness into your life.

  • Be a champion for change
  • Illuminate your soul
  • Allow the seeds of intuition to germinate and grow from darkness into the light of day
  • Cast out the old and forge the new

My desire is that this article will inspire my readers to learn from the Hopi and what these unique and wise people are here to teach us, as well as an understanding of the spiritual significance of numerology and how it impacts our daily lives.


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