September is a 13 Month in a 4 Universal Year

Number 13 has always been associated with death and is definitely considered an unlucky number in many cultures. Even buildings do not use the 13th floor and people are wary of moving into a home or an apartment with this denomination. Even though it is a number that is associated with death, it’s not really death in the ordinary sense when we hear, see or experience number 13 –  it is a number that is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. 13 indicates the ending of one situation only to be reborn into another form it’s the beginning of another chapter in life — and it definitely can bring about dramatic change when it appears in whatever circumstance.

We have seen a lot of dramatic change this summer and the number 13 is popping up in many instances. For example, September 2011 is a 13 Universal Month; Tropical Storm Lee brought death and destruction to many parts of the East Coast, and Lee also comes to the number 13; Another Tropical Storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico is Nate which also comes to the number 13. So there is a lot of change which includes death, destruction and change going on universally. It’s the eye of the storm universally.

The Power Behind Number 13

13 is associated with the Death card in the Tarot which truly represents change, release and transformation. What is so fascinating about this in relation to the influence of the Universal 13 month in September is that not only does death represent change, but in order to benefit from change we must recognize that through every life experience, whether it be a death of a loved one, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, the end of a marriage or a relationship, the end of a job or whatever your circumstances are — it forces a major change in life.

It’s hard to deal with death in the ordinary sense, and it’s just as difficult to deal with a major change in life due to circumstances beyond our control.

This month with the number 13 influence so heavily felt, it’s a good time to recognize the ability to release that which no longer is useful in our lives. If you have lost a home in an earthquake, flood, fire or hurricane, then it’s time to rebuild.

Number 13 reduces to the number 4 and this is the number of steadiness and endurance – it is of the earth. There are many biblical references which are taken from the cycles of the natural world — the 4 seasons, the 4 winds, the 4 elements. 4 straight lines form a square. Children draw 4 straight lines with a triangle on top when they depict their house.

2011 is a 4 Universal Year

During a 4 year, it’s time to build or rebuild new and solid foundations spiritually, emotionallyand mentally. Strive for patience. Perseverance is the keyword this month as well as for the remainder of this year. This is a time to prepare yourself for the changes that have arrived at your doorstep, because 2012 will most certainly bring even more dramatic changes. Preparation is another keyword during the remainder of 2011. During 2012 we will be in a Universal 5 Year — a year in which many surprises, chaos and dramatic changes will be the theme — so PREPARE NOW.

Tune in next month when the number 5 rules the universal energies of October. Keywords will be CHANGE and ADAPATABILITY…


“See with open eyes ~ Love with an open heart”

STOP! Pay attention to your intuition!!
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