August 2011 is a 12/3 universal month and many people believe that things happen in threes. The 3 pivotal things that have happened this month so far to bring the 12/3 cycle into focus are that for most of this month we are in a Mercury Retrograde Cycle, the stock market crashed on 8/4 which reduces to 12/3 and President Obama turned 50 on the same day the stock market crashed, so there we have another 12/3.

12/3 is associated with the Hanged Man in the Tarot.
The symbolism of the Hanged Man is that which requires sacrifice and spiritual insight – insight if we are going to change the way we do and think. 12/3 is the number of reversals and quite literally means that we hang in an upside down position until we can view life from another perspective. We are suspended in time until we free ourselves from a self-imposed state. In numerology, the 12/3 temporary vibration is about reversals and requires a change of view – new thoughts must be implemented in order to bring about balance and change. We are all victims of the stock market crash and this particular chapter in our history is that the financial world market is in disarray and chaos – again! We can fight the chaos and stay focused on that which we see as “fixed” or we can go with the flow and remain unattached to the outcome and accept that which is before us in order to change and grow. 3 is a creative number, so as always, there are creative ways to new solutions. But and this is a big BUT – what is the universal message of this latest financial disaster?

16/7 and the 8/4/2011 Stock Market Crash
As I wrote about on my blog on 8/2 this is what I said about Mercury Retrograde and I quote myself: 

The Name Mercury Retrograde comes to a 16/7.
The 16/7 is related to the Tower in the Tarot. That one word says it all – for the tower shatters and destroys. Mars rules this card, therefore the keyword is ‘awakening ‘ and oftentimes arrives with a clear flash of understanding! You will instantly know this flash and it can knock you off your feet! Numerically speaking, the 16/7 is a karmic debt number which means destruction of the old and birth of the new, so nothing goes according to plan during this cycle and it’s important to stay alert! 

This is important to remember because the date of the stock market crash was 8/4/2011 and these numbers reduce to 16/7. So if you pay attention to the words above, here we have a classic situation of out with the old and in with the new for we cannot repeat old patterns and continue as if nothing has happened. The universe is forcing change upon us – and things must change. But more importantly – WE must change. Each and every one of us – otherwise, we stay absorbed in futile situations until there is something that forces change – the lightning bolt that shatters and destroys. This is the Tower in all its glory and we are at this precipice.

With Mercury Retrograde through 8/26 – there are a lot of 8′s in the equation. We are in the 8th month of the year and 26 reduces to 8. Eight is the symbol of infinity  The 8 represents strength, power, courage and is a continuous glyph that has no beginning and no end – it is infinite and continuous as is life.

When one cycle ends – a new one begins.

See with open eyes – Love with an open Heart

Stay tuned for next month’s universal vibration which will be resonating to 13/4 – another karmic debt number – death, rebirth, transformation and last but not least – obstacles!

Kathleen Lamoureux
Numerologist and Intuitive Coach