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Cover of Mercury Retrograde

The cosmic magician ala Mercury Retrograde arrives today, August 2 and lasts through August 26 for 3 weeks – so buckle your seat belt and hold on tight because Mercury Retrograde can be a bumpy ride if you are not mentally or spiritually prepared for some cosmic turbulence.

Why does Mercury Retrograde cause so much confusion and tension?
Mercury is the planet that rules communication and the infamous planet that loves to create chaos during a three-week cycle when it appears to be traveling backwards in the solar system. It’s like an annoying headache that persists – for 3 weeks! Things that typically happen during a Mercury Retrograde cycle are computers will crash, communication and miscommunication is very common on all levels. The most common examples are that telephone conversations get cut off, mail and email get lost – perhaps to show up way after you needed it, there are more arguments or misunderstandings during this 3 week cycle than any other time during the year. It’s cosmic magic at it’s best – or worst depending upon how you view the glass half full theory. 

The Cosmic Magician

Mercury Retrograde is the cosmic magician at work in a very specific way who wants to get our attention – to remind us that we have the opportunity to use this 3 week period (4 times a year ) to shift our way of doing things and our thinking.

The planet Mercury is associated with the Magician in the Tarot. If you look at the symbolism in this card, you will see the infinity symbol or an 8 that is in the sideways position.  The 8 represents strength, power, courage and is a continuous glyph that has no beginning and no end – it is infinite and continuous as is life. If you look at the image a little more, you will notice that there is a white light surrounding the Magician. This is known as an aura field.  White is the color of protection and purity. The white light emanates from his head which indicates the conscious mind and communication to another dimension. The position of the hands and the baton – one up and one down – indicates a link to heaven and earth.

The Message of Mercury Retrograde and the Cosmic Magician

The message of a Mercury Retrograde cycle signifies a tuning into universal forces and allowing the infinite power to encircle you with messages that want and need to get across to you. Sometimes those messages come in forms we did not expect – but that is the point. Sometimes we need a little shaking up – a little internal tsunami so that we can channel new information and take action and initiative in new ways.

Mercury Retrograde and the 16/7 Code

The Name Number Mercury Retrograde is a 16/7.
The 16/7 is related to the Tower in the Tarot. That one word says it all – for the tower shatters and destroys. Mars rules this card, therefore the keyword is ‘awakening ‘ and oftentimes arrives with a clear flash of understanding! You will instantly know this flash and it can knock you off your feet! Numerically speaking, the 16/7 is a karmic debt number which means destruction of the old and birth of the new, so nothing goes according to plan during this cycle and it’s important to stay alert!  Watch what you say and how you say it.

The number 1  The Magician is Key 1 in the Tarot and 1 is the creative power and potential you have to begin to receive these messages that want to be channeled in. 

The number 6 is the number of balance and harmony and influences our ability to listen more keenly. The number 6 is important here, because mercury retrograde rules communication and it’s important to listen to a fault during this temporary, but difficult vibration. Better to have heard everything that is being said, rather than hearing only what you want to hear — or one side of the communication.

The number 7 provides spiritual awareness and insight especially if you are aware of the negative aspects of mercury retrograde. The problem-solver side of the number 7 can help you get though it.

Date of current Mercury Retrograde is August 2, 2011 – a 14/5 universal cycle
A 14/5 temporary cycle represents an overall time to slow down and learn from previous fundamental ways of being that may not be serving you. Your behavior can be called into question by authority figures or family members. Therefore, it is crucial that you modify any negative beliefs, feelings, behavior or desires that are not spiritually conscious.

During Mercury Retrograde remember to

  • Be loving
  • Be Patient
  • Open Your heart
  • Communicate with a conscious mind
  • Control unnatural urges
  • Manifest perfect harmony and communication

See with open eyes – love with an open heart

Kathleen Lamoureux
Numerologist and Intuitive Coach