The universal month number for April is an 8. This is the number of strength and confidence and is ruled by the astrological sign of Leo the Lion, and has residual but temporary influences left over from March – In like a lion and out like a lamb.  The lion is considered the king of the jungle and here we see a  woman perched atop this King of beasts and she shows no fear. The lion is an expression of our inner strength, yet shows the more gentle qualities of our nature.  But let there be no doubt that Leo has leadership over the 8 – which is our strength.

During April, you can find your courage and inner strength coming to the surface, but confidence is definitely required and is a major keyword of the month.  For to have confidence in yourself reminds me of this quote by John Milton:

“Confidence imparts a wondeful inspiration to its possessor”

Confidence is simply the ability to confide and trust in yourself — do it more often.  During April it’s also important that you exercise control and be sure to put your long-distance running shoes on, for you surely will need endurance as we are in a Mercury retrograde cycle until April 23rd and this energy intensifies everything around you – people, places, things, words, actions, deeds and can find you in explosive situations.  With the power of the 8 influence this month, you will need to exercise diplomacy and tact to the max – this then will help to bring the desired results to the table.

The number 4 also has a strong influence over the month of April as April is the 4th month of the year. The number 8 when halved, is equal to two 4′s. The number 4 is the number of steadiness and endurance – extended influences of the 8 universal month we are in.  The 4 vibration also provides the necessary form and structure we need on a daily basis to counter the lionish nature of the 8.

If any of your core numbers are 8 or 4 or you are in an 8 or 4 personal year or month, then all these aspects are much more pronounced this month.  To find out how to calculate your core numbers, click here.

Remember, in order to achieve strength and balance during April use your inner power  the number 8 and counter it with your stable and reliable side, the number 4.


Kathleen offers Intuitive Readings to connect with your spirit guides to give you clarity and help you make decisions in line with your highest path and purpose. As a life coach, I use numerology as a self-help tool to help individuals better understand their life through recognizing that numbers and human characteristics are naturally and inherently joined. Knowing your numbers in relation to your own human characteristics provides one the ability to find clarity in the meaning of life.