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The Spring Equinox fell on March 20, 2011 this year and happened to be a 9 universal day number. In numerology the number 9 represents endings, changes, stopping, starting over, indecisiveness and humanitarian efforts. But the inspiration to change can easily find its way to you during this transitional phase or energy cycle.

With so much going on around us and all the uncertainty enveloping the world, any kind of change can feel like your own personal earthquake tsunami is going on.  If today finds you at a crossroads and needing to make a decision, or to end something or an association, use the universal day number of 9 to your advantage. Under a 9 vibration, understand that you are in a cycle that has completed itself and after the 9 comes the number 1 — an opportunity for you to begin anew and start over.

Change is never easy

During the temporary 9 vibration, you have to learn to let friends, situations, or things go when their or its needs have been fulfilled.  You have the perfect opportunity to make decisions to end that which no longer serves your higher purpose. Listen to your inner voice or inner promptings during ending cycles and try to maintain reception or receptor signals from your higher consciousness to hear what you need to hear clearly in order to effect proper change.

During ending cycles, it is truly a magnificent time to finish unfinished business, clean house, get rid of any unnecessary weight(s), debts or obligations so that you can begin to refocus your attention and redirect your energies.

Charity begins in the heart

But while you are on the precipice of personal change, the world is also going through a transitional phase as  Uranus – the planet of change – entered in on the day of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami in the sign of Aries — which is represented by fire. It is a very uncertain and confusing time in the world.  Therefore,  it is very important to remain helpful, loving and compassionate to others.  Stay in balance and find the number 9 inside of you — the humanitarian — and become a part of the solution by offering charitable efforts either on a local level or be apart of the efforts in Japan or the world at large.  There are so many things you can to do effect change. so let your charitable and humanitarian efforts help to make the world a better place to live.

Don’t let fear rule your heart, but rather let charity begin in your heart.

Hugs and blessings,