March 22, 2011

Today is a 2 universal day. In numerology, the personal day number and temporary influence of the 2 represents partnership, diplomacy, peaceful solutions and cooperation. The 2 is a feminine number and the sensitivity aspect is more likely to be apparent than than with any other number. Those with the number 2 in the core numbers in their numerology blueprint will find this to be truer more often than not.

Regaining balance

The universal aspect of the 2 day reminds us about balance and the power of balance. Chances are you could find yourself in the throws of trying to regain your balance or footing – especially after the recent changes you have just been through with the recent appearance of the number 9 who showed up on the first day of Spring forcing change and a transitional period.

Independence or Partnership?

The two of wands in the tarot is associated with change, inspiration and enterprise.  The suit of wands inspires us to take action. Today you have the perfect opportunity to take or retake  control of your life. You need to hang on to those aspects where you have more authority and power. Look at the big picture and contemplate your next steps – your future plans. The number 2 symbolizes the possibility of partnership, and the energy of the 2 can suggest this, but there is a fork in the road or some sort of divisive factor going on in your head indicating that you are at a stopping point and a choice has to be made. Which path will you choose? Move in the direction of your goals and ambitions — that is true progress.

Hugs and blessings,


I want you to be inspired by your life!