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Today, we enter into a new moon phase during Pisces on a universal day number of 11/2 at 20:46 universal time during the 3rd month of the year. The influence of the 3 are many — The time the new moon enters is 20:46 which reduces to the number 3. If you use the time it enters EST time at 3:54, this number still reduces to a 3. Pisces is the 12th astrological sign which again reduces to the number 3 (12/3) – pretty fascinating, huh!. The number 3 gives all in the universe a free ticket this month to tap into the fertile areas of creativity and imagination all month long. This is an opportunity to grow and expand in all areas of life. It could be some creative endeavor, it could be the birth of a business or perhaps the birth of a child – whatever wants to be born into your life — now is the time to strike, while the creative seeds are available. The thing to watch out for with the number 3, is the tendency to be scattered, negative and critical, so stay positive and centered. If any of your core numbers are a 3 or you are in a 3 personal year or month, then all these aspects are much more pronounced this month.  To find out how to calculate your core numbers, click here.

The new moon arrives today in Pisces

As a fellow Pisces, I can speak of the gentle, intuitive, loving nature of the Pisces.  However, Pisces do get a bad wrap for being dreamy and out of touch.  I feel this type of energy more from those who are more left brain type of personalities and don’t get who we are. Pisces have a tendency to be more right brain.  The difference between the two sides of the brain in a nutshell is that the left brain processes information logically, sequentially and analytically whereas  right brainers process information more intuitively, randomly and subjectively. It comes down to preference styles of thinking – the left brain looks at the individual parts and the right brain looks at the whole picture.  I prefer to see things from all sides and not just view life in components or  in black or white – but to view life with lots of color or in shades of gray as the saying goes. Here are some famous Pisces personalities, who view or viewed the world in typical Pisces fashion: Albert Einstein whose ideas on relativity seemed to point to that of pure thought; Michelangelo who expanded his art into a universal language; Dame Elizabeth Taylor whose films, personal life and work with Aids have left an indelible stamp on both her personality and her life’s work; and Dr. Seuss whose name is synonymous with children and his books “Cat in the Hat” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Setting Intentions

The new moon just happens to arrive today, March 4th  in Pisces on an 11/2 universal day. The new moon is a time to set new intentions to receive whatever you desire by the full moon in Virgo which arrives by March 19th. Meditate, light a candle, listen to your inner promptings and plant seeds in your mind for all you want to accomplish.  For a full calendar of the moon phases for March 2011, visit the Auntie Moon blog by  Astrologer and Numerologist CJ Wright who explores everything you could ever possibly want to know about the moon.

During this new moon phase with dreamy Pisces by your side, there are lots of opportunities to explore your intuitive/psychic, visionary, wise and impressionistic side — it’s all in the thought process. It is a time to pay attention to the duality of the fish who swim in two directions — it’s like having two personalities. When you follow the fish who swims upstream, you are tapping into your higher consciousness and wisdom; when you follow the fish who goes downstream, you can distrust yourself and inner wisdom.  Use the energies of the 11/2 day to follow the higher vibration.  Number 11 is a master number which is a channel to the subconscious and illuminates your vision – use it to its fullest potential.


Intuitive Life Coach and Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux wants you to live your best life and to help you understand yourself.  Kathleen helps you to connect to your spirit guides to give you clarity and help you make decisions in line with your highest path and purpose.