Number three made of white paint dots

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures”
– Lao Tzu

The 3/3 vibration

As March is the 3rd month of the year I want to dicuss the energy of the vibration of the March and the March 3rd vibration. The father of numerology, Pythagoras calls three the perfect number because it represents the beginning, the middle and the end.  The three is the result of the combination of the first two numbers and is a completion of a cycle.  It is from the union of the one to the duality of the two that created the first geometic shape — a triangle which has three sides.  Today is a double three and intensifies the energy behind it.

Spiritual and Symbolism of the Number 3

There is much symbolism associated with the number three and here are a few examples to draw upon:

  • Man has three parts — mind, body, spirit
  • The world has three parts — earth, sea, air
  • A trilogy is a set of three works of art commonly found in literature & film
  • Three is the trinity of the father, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

The universal aspect of three in march

  • Three provides personal growth, optimism inspiration and unity.
  • Inspiration can find its way through perseverance and difficulties that have been overcome and worked through.
  • Optimism can be contagious this month and find people in a happy and joyous mood – a time to celebrate and be social and connect with others.
  • In areas of growth and expansion, three can provide recognition of creative talents in areas such as writing, acting, painting, sculpting and reward can find its way to you in these areas.
  • Use the aspects of the number three to arouse your optimistic nature and work on patience and tolerance.

Happy March!

Make three wishes

If I could have three wishes
and wishes did come true;
I would wish for Blessings,
to always follow you.

I would wish for laughter,
to fill your heart and home
And memories surround you
whenever you’re alone.

Then I’d wish you Patience,
To forgive what might go wrong
I’d wish for love and peace and joy
To follow all day long.

I’d wish for you good health
Friends and Family galore
And when you have it all
I’d even wish you more…

I would wish for prayers,
To give back unto myself;
As long as you are happy
I’d wish for nothing else.

If I could have my wishes
And if wishes did come true;
I’d give them all to you.

For just you to see contentment,
on your face and know you’re fine;
would truly satisfy me,
And bring joy to this heart of mine.

– Unknown


Kathleen Lamoureux offers intuitive readings to connect with your spirit guides to give you clarity and help you make decisions in line with your highest path and purpose. As a life coach, I use numerology as a self-help tool to help individuals better understand their life through recognizing that numbers and human characteristics are naturally and inherently joined. Knowing your numbers in relation to your own human characteristics provides one the ability to find clarity in the meaning of life. Your numbers are your destiny and the key to your inner self.