This is an on-going numerology series over the next few months to help you understand the meaning of your life through the use and the importance of numerology and why it works in the process of self-discovery!

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I have used numerology as a medium in my coaching practice for many years using it as an alternative therapy tool to help one understand themselves on a higher plateau and to help decipher what core issues in their life, love and career are working or not working. As a spiritual life coach and healer, I have been around and have used alternative therapies all my life.  I beg the question — In lieu of hiring a shrink (which can cost thousands and in the end doesn’t really give you that much useful information or tools that are actually that helpful) why not understand yourself through your own numerology chart? Using the alternative therapy approach, I liken numerology to a type of rescue remedy – like the Bach Flower  Remedies developed by the English physician and homeopath Edward Bach.  Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material  intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions.  Voila! Using this approach, when you have your numerology chart done,  (which includes all your numbers from your birth name and date of birth) it can actually help you to gain more wisdom and to help you understand your own emotional and spiritual conditions.  Numerology is its own remedy of numbers, which when you understand why certain numbers  have chosen to show up in your life (based on your name and date of birth) will help to clear up the fog in your head and lead you on a path that can help you decipher your own numerology blueprint code and get down to the meaning and purpose of your life.

The path of life








The movie Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, is a comedy that takes a look at life in all the stages of life in a uniquely silly way.  If you really look at it from this perspective, life IS a comedy of errors.  We have the opportunity to get our own individual life lessons right or not in our own incomparable way.  And we do have free will in the matter, as life is a balance of choices — good versus bad for example.  Life is a path we travel from the moment we are born.  From the instant you announced your presence with a shriek and unmistakable cry,  you found your voice and it was from that moment in time that you began the journey called “life.”

The date of your birth provided the stage for your own movie and it is one that you chose to participate in — live.  There is a script that is provided to you when you stepped into the reality of human life — but it is not the kind that is written by a Hollywood script writer, but rather is one that was written by you in the spirit realm — the one that you chose to be the Director of choosing your own characters (spouses, children, bosses, etc.) along the way to fulfill lessons from the past that you did not conquer.  Therefore, it is up to each one of us to unravel the mysteries of our own lives through all the experiences we choose.  In numerology, your date of birth is referred to as the Life Path number or the Life Lesson number and is the number that define that which you must learn in this lifetime.  Of course I am talking about reincarnation, which is a much debated subject in history. Whatever your beliefs are, it cannot be disputed that life is a path that is not always smooth, but one that can be a rocky road to self-discovery. As is life, there is both the positive and the negative aspects and we all have divinities and foibles (the good characteristics and the negative characteristics).  In using numerology as an alternative therapy/self-help tool, we have the opportunity to use our numbers to their full potential by using them as medicine for the soul to help our emotional and spiritual conditions in the best possible way.


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