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Hi Kathleen,

Question, I’d love to know my numbers…but I wonder what you’d need. I see what you need above, but at birth the state of Wisconsin would not allow my parents to put Boyle on my birth certificate even though that was my name, until my parents got married 1 month later…and then they legally were allowed to change the birth certificate. My mom didn’t want to marry in maternity wear, so they waited til I was born so she’d look thinner and cuter. :)

So, do my numbers derive from the name the state forced my mom to use (her maiden name) or from my intended name that was righted when my parents married?


– Dana

Hi Dana,

Great question! The name your parents intended for you to have, regardless of hospital protocol, is with the last name of Boyle.  And it appears they were very diligent and pro-active about this issue and made sure your name was legally changed including a new birth certificate with the accepted name. So your expression number IS your full name at birth using the name Boyle. If you’d like me to personally calculate your numbers, Email me under separate cover your full name at birth and date of birth and I will do this for you.

Your name represents the blueprint of your life and your birth name in numerology is identified as the “expression number” and sometimes is referred to as the path of destiny number. This number reveals what you must do in this lifetime and what you came here to manifest.  This number in its totality is the total constitution of you on a physical and mental level.

Abundant Blessings,




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