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Question For Week of October 17, 2010

Hi Kathleen, Very interesting about October 2010. My personal month number for October 2010 is 3. How does the universal number of 4 work with my personal number of 3?  Thanks!
– Elisabeth

Dear Elisabeth,

Good question Elisabeth! Universal cycles affect all of humanity and are not as noticeable on a personal level. However while you are personally evolving through your own personal month cycle of the 3, there are planetary influences or vibrations which affect everyone and the planet at large. October happens to carry the universal vibration of the 4.  When you see the term “universal number” or “universal vibration” that merely means that there are certain vibrations or frequencies that impact the planet and its inhabitants at large during a day, a month or a year cycle.

Everyone evolves and progresses through 3 different types of personal cycles: 9 nine-year cycles , 9 nine-month cycles and 9 nine-day cycles (all from 1 through 9) and the impact of each type of cycle graduates from a larger vibrational impact on your life (the nine year cycles) to a lesser vibrational impact (the nine day cycles).  So in calculating your chart, I see that you are in a number 2 year cycle, but in the month of October you are in a number 3 month cycle. This means that with the larger influence of the 2 year cycle, you must protect and nurture your plans. A number 2 year cycle is all about relationships and cooperation, while during your 3 month cycle you most likely need a break to recharge your batteries after the adjustments you experienced in September. So the influences of each month are lesser and more temporary than that of your 2 year cycle. The influences of each year cycle is like one step at a time (from 1 through 9) and each year cycle has its own characteristics and influences during each year. Therefore, the influence of the number 2 will be running like script in the background, with a stronger influence than your 3 personal month cycle. Next month you will be in a 4 personal month cycle, which means you must get down to business, focus on work and finish anything that has been left undone. Don’t procrastinate. Next year you will be in a number 3 personal year cycle which will be all about your creativity and expansion and personal growth. Your creativity and artistic talent will come front and center for you.

Blessings from Kathleen

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