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The Apprentice (U.S. TV series)

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It’s no secret to my friends and family that I am a big fan of Donald Trump and his show The Apprentice. This year’s season is heartwarming and different from past seasons, because most of the contestants  who were chosen are out of work or are in jobs that do not match their potential due to the recent economic crisis. In addition, the  show’s approach is different this year as each contestant who gets eliminated has an opportunity to land a potential job interview through the connections of the Donald instead of just hearing the words “you’re fired”

In the season opener, the women lost first and the first team member to be fired was the woman’s team leader Nicole. As she was being whisked away in the Trump limousine, Donald Trump said he was going to give her an opportunity to find a job through the Miss Universe Pageant, since she was a former runner up in the Miss California USA pageant. Good for you Nicole!

Let’s do the numerology on this television show this season:

Apprentice = 53/8 – This is a great name for this show as the number 8 is the number of advancement, strength and infinity. The number 53 is the number of accomplishment and that no obstacle is too great. It is the number that likes authority and definitely knows how to assert itself and having sheer guts to compete in a difficult game where only the strong become the victor. The winner of the Apprentice usually has all these qualities. Donald advises each of his 16 contestants that this year will be the toughest and to stay strong. This fits with the 53/8 vibration.

The Apprentice is in its 10th season – The number 10 reduces to the number 1 – the number  1 is the number of new beginnings — a new start is in effect and is typically characterized as the number that takes action and the number of ambition . The number 1 is also the number of the self and a new independence. The number 0  is like a circle with no beginning and no end — it’s limitless. The number 10 is the number of instant manifestation of the 1 and the zero and is considered a fortunate and “good luck” number. This is evident with the restructuring of the end game of the show this year as each fired team member is given a second opportunity thanks to Donald Trump and the show’s producers.

Season debut date was 9/16/2010 = 19/10/1 The number 19 is the number of rewards,  obstacles and new beginnings. Words that are so apropos to this show and its season debut date. The number 10 enhances all the qualities of the number 1 and indicates powerful leadership.

Unemployment = 56/11 – The number 11 is that master number that I keep writing about. Master numbers (11, 22, 33 and 44) are numbers that are powerful and hard to live up to because they accentuate the vibration of the base number to which they can be reduced. For example, you can live like an 11 (higher octave) or like a 2 (lower octave). Master numbers are numbers that possess more potential than any other numbers and is a highly charged number.  The number 11 attracts powerful ideas and is a very intuitive vibration — it’s like a lightening bolt. Becoming unemployed is pretty much like a lightening bolt coming out of the sky and hitting you full throttle. Therefore, it takes a lot of discipline to use the vibration of unemployment wisely and gain true mastery over your life during a difficult vibration.

EDD (Employment Development Division) = 13/4  which is the “death” number – but not in the traditional sense of death. Death is merely change from one existence to another existence — just like going from being gainfully employed to being on unemployment benefits.  Just watch the contestant on Team Octane who calls the EDD office to file his claim during the show and watch his emotional reaction.

Team Names

TEAM FORTITUDE – The Ladies team name is Fortitude = 46/10/1 – My message to Team Fortitude is this: Ladies, 46/1 is a great name number because the number 1 represents individual desires and self-preservation and is good on an individual basis. The number 46 intensifies the leadership aspect. But on a collective level for the team, the number 1 could work against the group because the negative characteristics of this number are selfish, weak and the word pariah comes to mind — and I think you know what this means. The number 46 as a negative vibration can be very tactless, which we already saw on your team in the season opener, so rein it in and create a cohesive atmosphere. The one who does this on this team, will win out in the end.

TEAM OCTANE – The Men’s team name is Octane = 22/4 – My message to Team Octane is this:  Men, this is a fabulous name number to have because you have a master number. The number 22 inspires confidence in your ability to lead and assume great responsibility. On the downside the number 22 as a team name number can cause difficult interior pressures on the group and can cause the team to shrink from its own ambition. So a word to the wise – don’t squander your potential!

The Donald

Donald Trump’s birth name number is a 14/5 – The number 14/5 is the social media and social magnet number. Donald also happens to be in a number 5 personal year and a number 5 personal month number.  With the number 5 displayed very prominently in both his year and personal month, this really tells me that there will be many surprises, changes and calculated risks this year that will be challenging for him. The double aspect of the 5 can intensify the month of September for him. His emotional expression is also a 14/5 which makes him a born observer and someone who does not miss much. His birthday is June 14, 1946 and there we see that number 14 again which is a highly social number and someone who needs to be constantly stimulated.

His life path number based on his date of birth is a 13/4 – 13/4s are forced to work very hard in life to accomplish any task really with many obstacles. It’s all about perseverance for those with this difficult vibration. His lesson number this year is also a 13/4. Donald Trump is extremely disciplined and pays attention to the most minute of details, but there could well be a deal this year that could be a little flimsy that could cause more trouble than it’s worth forcing him to spend more time getting it right or dumping it completely. 13/4 is a karmic debt number which forces him to not surrender in the face of any challenge, but to work through every obstacle put in his path — and we have seen him go through many.

Whose going to win? Well if I were to look at all the numbers with what I have to work with, I would say that someone from the men’s  team — Team Octane — has the advantage. Octane = 22 and reduces to a 4. Donald Trump’s name number = 13 and reduces to a 4. In numerology the Path of Destiny number (derived from a name) represents what one must do in life. Therefore, this could be the number that most closely resembles what Donald Trump would expect of his new apprentice and what they must do to win. And remember 22 is a master number with a lot of potential!

So stay tuned and I will post something about the end of the show in about 13 weeks or so, and how numerology impacted the events.


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