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Monthly Numerology – September 2010

” Three is the perfect number”

– Pythagoras

“Everything lies veiled in numbers” so again said Pythagoras. In numerology, everything has a number: an address,  a phone number, a date of birth, a city, a state, a name, a child’s name, a pet’s name, the name of a business, a movie — and the list goes on.

Each number resonates to a certain vibration or tonal quality that has effects on you during your life or during temporary phases. Even a month resonates to a certain number and has its own unique vibrational effects that are felt universally.

September 2010 is a 12/3 Universal Month – 2010 is a 3 Universal year
  • Pythagoras calls 3 the perfect number because it represents the beginning, the middle and the end.
  • Man has 3 parts — mind, body, spirit
  • The world has 3 parts — earth, sea, air
  • A trilogy is a set of 3 works of art commonly found in literature & film
  • 3 is the trinity of the father, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
3 is a very powerful numerical vibration and as such, September will be a month filled with personal growth, optimism inspiration and unity. Inspiration can find its way through perseverance and difficulties  that have been overcome and worked through. Optimism can be contagious this month and find people in a happy and joyous mood – a time to celebrate and be social, so have that last summer party. If you like to travel,  take that last trip to your favorite destination as the number 3 rules long-distance  travel.

In areas of growth and expansion, September can provide recognition of one’s creative talents in areas such as writing, acting, painting, sculpting and reward can find its way to you. Interestingly enough, the number 3 is the number of the performing arts, the performer and entertainment.

Use the aspects of the number 3  in relationship to unity this month as an adventure to arouse your spiritual nature — to spark your desire to find spiritual growth and the enfoldment of that understanding.

The number 3 is the number of wishes and desires. So if you wish or desire something strongly, this month practice this mantra:

“Set aside a fraction of your time to carry out your dreams and ambitions.”
Michael Lee

The 12/3 numerical vibration is a highly creative, individualistic and unconventional number, so use the temporary effects of this number to your advantage, but use them wisely.

I want you to be inspired by your life!

XXOO Kathleen Lamoureux

Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Life coach and Numerologist. She is  the creator and founder of the  Numerology Zen Zone and the Wellness Zen  Zone which explores alternative therapies and self-help techniques such as meditation, affirmations, visualizations and numerology.  Kathleen helps individuals to find direction, true purpose, and to understand not only themselves, but their most intimate relationships. Kathleen reveals the meaning of numbers as they relate to all things metaphysical and gives private numerology readings and coaching sessions.

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