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What’s your personal month number for July?

Go to to find out yours!

The  7 Personal Month Number

Sometimes under the energy of the 7, you need a rest or take a vacation. It’s July and its the perfect time to take a little respite from the demands of daily living or your work – so stop and smell the roses and never mind the pits! If you can’t get away to an exotic island by yourself, get out in nature and go for a series of long and silent walks. Be still and listen to that little voice inside your head. Yes the voice inside your head speaks, and you don’t always hear – so be receptive and learn to listen to what it wants you to hear. Get outside of your ego head and into your spirit heart. You may be searching for some type of answer – so this is your big chance.

Use the energies of this month for mental exercise and discipline. This is a time when you can master technical skills to help you in your work or benefit from philosophical and metaphysical disciplines such as yoga, meditation, astrology or numerology. Be open and let your dreams , visions and intuition guide you. Anything creative can be used to its fullest potential under this vibration.

July is not a month to push your financial affairs under a 7 vibration. It is a time of completion and attainment, because you are now able to reap the benefits of your previous efforts. Matters (financial or otherwise) mysteriously complete themselves without any effort on your part, because you already took prior action.  Right now you must take a time out to seek the answers from within and let the cycle work for itself and for you. Let this be your motto in July – “and on the seventh day, God rested” so put your Monk hat on and be still dear one.

Certainly this is a contemplative time for you, so pace yourself wisely and take care  your health, your body, mind and spirit.

Keywords for 7s

Keywords for 7s

Reflection, rest, health, vacations. God rested didn’t he? And so should you~

Colors to wear so the inner monk can come out

Violet, purple, magenta or turquoise. These are the colors of the divine and the supreme one. Yeah, I think you get the picture!